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MS Square Bar Price List

MS Square Bar / Tubes Price List in India

MS Square Bar is an innovative structural steel product that uniquely solves traditional construction methods. It consists of two C or U-shaped hollow sections, rebar, and a galvanized coating which are welded together to form a rigid box shape. This new system has many benefits, such as enhanced design flexibility, faster erection times, improved corrosion resistance and reduced material requirements due to mild steel hollow square bar lightweight characteristics. Mild Steel Square Bar can also be used for vertical and horizontal applications, making it ideal for modern-day architecture projects. Its various sizes and fastening options can easily be adapted to meet specific project requirements while providing excellent strength-to-weight ratios with minimal wastage. Overall, bright mild steel square bar is changing how we build today’s structures!


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MS Square Bar Price 

Size (mm) Price/Kg
10 x 10 37
12 x 12 37
16 x 16 38
20 x 20 38
25 x 25 40
32 x 32 40
40 x 40 42
50 x 50 42
63 x 63 43
75 x 75 44
80 x 80 44
90 x 90 45
100 x 100 45

Please note this is an approx Cost of MS Square Bar  in India. For final MS Square Bar Per kg please mail us.

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