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Pipe Outlet Fittings Price List

Pipe Outlet Fittings combine two or more pipes, ducts, and hoses (and other flexible/rigid materials). A350 LF2 Threadolet come in various shapes and sizes depending on the application’s requirements. The most common types of fittings include threaded pipe nipples, barbed tube connectors, flanged bushings, compression unions and couplings. These fittings can also be electric fusion-welded for extra strength and reliability when necessary. When correctly connected, they seal tightly against leakage or vibration, allowing a secured connection without any risk of spillage or disconnection during operation.

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Pipe Outlet Fittings

ASTM A105 Forged Weldolet 1″ 3000LB as per MSS SP-97 US $2.00-$4.00/ Pcs
A350 LF2 Threadolet US $2.00-$4.00/ Pcs
Carbon Steel Weldolet, Seamless Butt Weld US $3.02-$3.21/ Pcs
Carbon Steel A105 Sockolet US $2.80-$3.00/ Pcs
ASTM A182 F317L Weldolet/ Sockolet Forged US $5.34-$6.50/ Pcs

Please note this is an approx Cost of Pipe Outlet Fittings in India. For final Pipe  Fittings price list please mail us.

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