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Pipeline Repair Clamps Price List

Pipeline Repair Clamps

Pipeline Repair Clamps are a widely used equipment in the oil and gas industry. They provide support to pipelines that have been damaged due to corrosion, erosion, or mechanical failure. The clamps are designed to help restore the pipe’s structural integrity and prevent further damage from occurring. A repair clamp typically consists of two steel bands connected by a hinge with adjustable screws. The bands help hold the clamp in place while adjusting its size for different diameters of pipe sections and create an airtight seal around the broken area of the pipe. In addition, some models come with additional features such as corrosion-resistant coatings or rubber sleeves for added protection against wear and tear. With their flexibility and adaptability, DIN 3015 pipeline repair clamps can be used on many piping systems, including steel, copper, plastic, iron pipes, etc., providing a reliable solution to quick repairs that don’t require replacing entire pipeline sections altogether.

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Pipeline Repair Clamps Price

Products Price
Pipeline Leak Repair Clamps US$ 600.00- 800.00 / Ton
FOLDING TYPE Repairing CLAMP US$ 1.00- 50.00 / Piece
Multi Function Water Pipeline Repair Clamp Double Lock Quick Pipe Coupling US$ 10.00- 50.00 / Piece
Industrial Clamp Pipe Connection Full Circle Water Leak Joint Leakage Repairing US$ 10.00- 150.00 / Piece
MF single band muti-functional pipeline leak repair clamp US$ 13.00- 730.00 / Piece
Repair Clamp For Broken Or Leaking Pipeline, Suitable For CI, DI, Steel/PE Pipe US$ 5.00- 50.00 / Piece
Ductile Iron Pipeline Saddle Repair clamp US$ 1.00- 100.00 / Piece
Socket quick pipeline Repairing clamp for steel pipe tubes US$ 16.00- 20.00 / Piece
cast iron emergency pipe leak quick Repairing clamp US$ 1.00- 100.00 / Piece
sanitary stainless steel three-piece clamp 3A/DIN for pipeline connector US$ 2.00- 10.00 / Piece
Ductile iron Water Pipe Band Clamp Leak Repairing Clamp US$ 5.00- 30.00 / Case

Please note this is an approx Cost of Pipeline Leak Repair Clamps in India. For final Ductile Iron Pipeline Repair clamp price list please mail us.

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