ThePipingMart Blog Price Round Bar Price List in India

Round Bar Price List in India

Round Bar

A round bars is a solid rod with a circular cross-section. It is usually made of steel, stainless steel, alloy or aluminium and is available in various sizes and grades depending on the application. It has numerous uses in engineering, such as machining, manufacturing components, fabricating and many other applications where the strength-to-weight ratio plays an important role. Round bars can also be used for axles, shafts, pins and many other machine parts due to their good strength and toughness properties. This metal bar type offers excellent corrosion resistance, ideal for corrosive environments like chemical plants or marine industries. Overall round bars are widely used across many industries due to their flexibility, easy fabrication process and cost-effectiveness compared to other materials like brass or copper bars.


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Round Bar Price List

Round Bar 8mm diameter 6 meters 140.00
Round Bar 10mm diameter 6 meters 191.00
Round Bar 12mm diameter 6 meters 303.00
Round Bar 16mm diameter 6 meters 544.00
Round Bar 20mm diameter 6 meters 544.00
Round Bar 25mm diameter 6 meters 1,199.00

Please note this is an approx Cost of Round Bar in India. For final Round bars Price List, please mail us.

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