ThePipingMart Blog Price Seamless Black Iron Steel Pipes Price List

Seamless Black Iron Steel Pipes Price List

Seamless Black Iron Steel Pipes

Seamless Black Iron Steel Pipes are steel pipes made from a single piece of metal with no seams or welds. Black Iron Pipes make it easier to produce high-quality products due to their strong structural integrity and uniformity of shape. In addition, since they lack seams, these pipes provide increased durability and superior performance in high-temperature environments compared to other piping materials. BI Pipes also offer improved corrosion resistance as they lack the small crevices that could potentially trap corrosive particles or liquids, which would cause damage over time. They can be used for various applications, including plumbing fixtures, automotive parts, gas pipes, energy pipelines and heating systems.

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Seamless Black Iron Steel Pipes

Item No. Description Price per length Remarks
1 BI Pipe, 1/2″, Sch40, Seamless 569.43 6 meters / length
2 BI Pipe, 3/4″, Sch40, Seamless 747.08 6 meters / length
3 BI Pipe, 1″, Sch40, Seamless 1,134.66 6 meters / length
4 BI Pipe, 1 1/4″, Sch40, Seamless 1,548.17 6 meters / length
5 BI Pipe, 1 1/2″, Sch40, Seamless 1,793.17 6 meters / length
6 BI Pipe, 2″, Sch40, Seamless 2,386.53 6 meters / length
7 BI Pipe, 2 1/2″, Sch40, Seamless 3,925.34 6 meters / length
8 BI Pipe, 3″, Sch40, Seamless 4,908.96 6 meters / length
9 BI Pipe, 4″, Sch40, Seamless 7,601.64 6 meters / length
10 BI Pipe, 5″, Sch40, Seamless 10,316.69 6 meters / length
11 BI Pipe, 6″, Sch40, Seamless 13,203.99 6 meters / length
12 BI Pipe, 8″, Sch40, Seamless 17,358.75 6 meters / length
13 BI Pipe, 10″, Sch40, Seamless 29,106.60 6 meters / length
14 BI Pipe, 12″, Sch40, Seamless 37,711.03 6 meters / length

Please note this is an approx Cost of Seamless Black Steel Pipe Price in India. For final Black Iron Pipe Price list please mail us.

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