ThePipingMart Blog Price Stainless Steel 409M Tube Price List

Stainless Steel 409M Tube Price List

Stainless Steel 409m Tube

Stainless Steel 409M tubes are made from an alloy containing 11% chromium, which provides excellent resistance to corrosion compared to other steels. ASTM A268 Stainless Steel Tube is also cost-effective for applications requiring strength and good thermal performance. The 409m SS tubing has high tensile strength, superior heat resistance and a wide range of applications in both industrial and domestic settings. SS 409M Welded Tube low carbon content gives it great weldability characteristics and better hardenability than most other grades of stainless steel. In addition, it offers excellent machinability properties and exceptional durability at temperatures up to 1000°C (2000°F). This makes 409M an ideal choice for various industries, such as those involving automotive exhaust systems, construction projects or high-temperature furnaces, due to its ability to withstand rusting and oxidation over time.


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409m Stainless Steel Tube Price

409m Stainless Steel Tube Price
409M stainless steel welded pipe/tube ₹ 57,306.16-₹ 1,07,449.05 / Ton
Best price AISI 409m stainless steel tube ₹ 128.94-₹ 300.86 / Kilogram
409m stainless steel pipe and tube price per ton ₹ 85,959.24-₹ 1,00,285.78 / Metric Ton
409m stainless steel grade car motorcycle exhaust pipe wholesale ₹ 1,36,102.13-₹ 1,71,918.48 / Ton
409m ferritic stainless steel tube /pipe ₹ 164.76-₹ 386.82 / Kilogram
Prime quality manufacturer 409m Stainless Steel Welded tube/pipe price per meter ₹ 1,28,938.86 / Ton
stainless steel seamless tube ASTM 409m hydraulic pipe SCH80 CL600 ₹ 71,632.70-₹ 3,58,163.50 / Metric Ton
409m Stainless Steel Welded Pipe For Automobile Exhaust Tube ₹ 1,43,265.40-₹ 1,79,081.75 / Ton
409m stainless steel exhaust perforated tube ₹ 1,36,102.13-₹ 1,71,918.48 / Ton
409m flexible car stainless steel exhaust tube ₹ 1,36,102.13-₹ 1,71,918.48 / Ton
seamless stainless steel exhaust tube 409m ₹ 42,979.62-₹ 1,79,081.75 / Ton
409m stainless steel Capillary tube for electrothermal furnace ₹ 128.94 / Ton
supplier 2 inches 3-inch sus 409m stainless steel pipe price per meter ₹ 71,632.70-₹ 2,14,898.10 / Ton
1.5-inch sus 409 3mm of stainless steel square pipe and tube ₹ 85,959.24-₹ 1,25,357.23 / Metric Ton
seamless 409m stainless steel tube diameter ₹ 73,351.89 / Ton
409m inox square 90*20 stainless steel rectangular tube ₹ 1,71,918.48-₹ 3,08,020.61 / Ton
409m Mirror Stain Hairline Stainless Steel Square Tube ₹ 1,93,408.29-₹ 2,14,898.10 / Ton
Decorative 409m Stainless Steel Tubes/Pipes Price ₹ 358.17 / Piece
sus 409m stainless steel pipe ₹ 85,959.24-₹ 1,13,179.67 / Metric Ton

Please note this is an approx Cost of 409m Stainless Steel Tube Price Per Kg in India. For the final 409m Stainless Steel Tube Price list, please mail us.

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