ThePipingMart Blog Price 440C Stainless Steel Sheet Price List

440C Stainless Steel Sheet Price List

Stainless Steel 440c Sheet

Stainless Steel 440C Sheet is a high-carbon martensitic stainless steel with 17% chromium, 1.1% carbon and 0.8% molybdenum that is used in specialized knives, surgical equipment, bearings, and other tools where superior corrosion resistance and strength are required. UNS S44004 Sheet heat treatability makes it highly resistant to wear and abrasion while maintaining its strength at high temperatures due to its higher level of carbon content. ASTM A 276 Stainless Steel  Plate also provides good hardness up to 57 HRC on the Rockwell scale for improved cutting performance while still providing excellent corrosion resistance properties against oxidation from common acids such as acetic acid, citric acid, formic acid, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid and tartaric acid.


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Stainless Steel 440C Sheet Price

Description Price
440c Stainless Plate Price Per Ton 2b Ba Finish US $ 25-100 / sheet
0.2mm-10mm with Magnetic Ss Plate 440c Stainless Sheets/Plate US $ 750-850 / Ton
440c Color Stainless Wire Drawing Plate US $ 1380-1880 / Ton
4 X 8 FT No. 1 1250 X 0.9mm 440c Stainless Sheets US $ 1.2-1.8 / kg
AISI 440c (uns s44004) Sheets US $ 1500-4000 / Ton
1.4125 X105crmo17 AISI 440c Stainless Plate US $ 800-900 / Ton
440c No. 1 8K Stainless Plate US $ 800-2000 / Ton
440c SS Stainless Embossed Sheet Plate US $ 799-1399 / Ton
Hot Rolled 440c Stainless Plate US $ 700-750 / Ton

SS 440C Plate Price

Description Price list of 440c Stainless Steel Plate in India
440c Stainless Steel Plate US $ 1600-1800 / Ton
440c Stainless Steel SS Food Plate US $ 1.8-3.5 / kg
440c 2b Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Plate with Coils in Stock US $ 1299-1899 / Ton
Inox 440c 0.1mm 0.3 1mm Thick Stainless Steel Sheet and Plate US $ 800-1200 / Ton
High Hardness 440A, 440b, 440c Stainless Steel Sheet / Plate US $ 1250-2550 / Ton
Custom Design Rolling 440c Stainless Steel Plate with Compartments US $ 1850-3220 / Ton
JIS 440c Stainless Steel Plate US $ 14-16 / Kgs
9cr18 440c Stainless Steel Plate US $ 600-2000 / Ton
Stainless Steel Plate 440c US $ 2-3.96 / kg

Please note this is an approx Cost of Stainless Steel 440C Sheet in India. For final Stainless Steel 440C Sheet price list please mail us.

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