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Stainless Steel Circle Price List

Stainless Steel Circle

Stainless steel circles are round discs made from stainless steel that meet the specifications of ASTM A240/A480. Generally, they are available in 201, 304, and 316-grade alloys with various finishes, including hot rolled, annealed, 2B and #4 polish. They offer superior corrosion resistance due to their high alloy content. These Stainless Steel 304L Circle can be used for many industrial applications such as cookware, chemical equipment, kitchen fixtures and more due to their ability to withstand high temperatures and extreme conditions. Additionally, they are an excellent choice for projects requiring aesthetic value, allowing you to customize your products with shapes like hexagons or rectangles while still retaining the benefits of stainless steel material.

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Stainless Steel Circles price

Product Price List
Cold Rolled 201 SS Circle Size 0.27 * 267mm INR 83/kg
2b Finish SS 201 Circle, Size: 0.29 * 305mm INR 98/kg
Forged SS Ring (Rough) Din X 46 Cr 13, Fs D 615.0/ 520.0 * 186.0 mm INR 150/kg

Polished Stainless Steel Circle price

Product Price per Kg in India
SUS304 Circle INR 250/ Kg
SUS202 Circle INR 110/ Kg
SS Circle INR 290/ Kg
SS 304L Circle INR 230/ Kg

Please note this is an approx Cost of Stainless Steel 304L Circle Price in India. For final Cold Rolled 201 Stainless Steel Circle Price list please mail us.

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