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Super Duplex Manifold Valve Price List

Super Duplex Manifold Valve

Super Duplex Manifold Valve is a specialized valve for high-pressure, corrosive, and hazardous applications. It comprises two separate valves: an inlet valve and an outlet valve. The inlet valve features a large bore design to provide unrestricted flow into the system, while the outlet valve has been engineered with smaller bore dimensions to reduce turbulence, increase efficiency, and help prevent dangerous backpressure surges. Both valves are cast from superior corrosion-resistant super duplex stainless steel alloy, offering exceptional strength and longevity while providing resistance against pitting and crevice corrosion attacks. In addition to its remarkable durability characteristics, this type of ASTM A182 S32750 manifold valves also provides excellent installation flexibility due to its slim body profile, making it easy to replace existing manifolds without significantly altering downstream or upstream piping configurations. Finally, the reliable performance of this type of manifold ensures increased safety for refinery operators by eliminating potential leakage points that could otherwise cause environmental damage or injury.

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Super Duplex Instrumentation Manifolds Price

Description Price
Super Duplex 2507 Manifold Control Valves US $ 0.5-15 / Piece
UNS S32760 Instrumentation Manifold Valves US $ 60-220 / Piece
6MO 3 Way Manifold Valves US $ 49-69 / Piece
Super Duplex Manifold Valves US $ 6-12 / Piece
254 SMO 5 Way Manifold Valves US $ 120 / Piece
UNS S32750 High Pressure Manifold Valves US $ 3.15-38.95 / Piece
Super Duplex Instrumentation Manifolds US $ 23-180 / Piece
Alloy 2507 Hydraulic Manifold Valves US $ 60-220 / Piece
ASTM A182 S32750 Manifold Control Valves US $ 49-69 / Piece

Please note this is an approx Cost of Super Duplex Manifold Valve in India. For final Super Duplex Manifold Control Valves price list please mail us.

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