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Titanium Tube Fittings Price List

Titanium Tube Fittings

Titanium Tube Fittings are a type of fitting used for connecting pieces of tubing. They’re constructed from titanium, a lightweight and corrosion-resistant metal that is strong yet still ductile enough to be bendable and highly resistant to fatigue. The various tube fittings range in size, shape and application depending on the intended purpose or usage. These fittings come in different grades such as ASTM Grade 1, 6AL/4V for higher strength or low-pressure applications like gas piping systems; Grade 2 & 3 for general purposes; Grade 4 & 5 for more specialized uses such as high temperature and pressure systems like aerospace fuel lines; and Medical Grades with biocompatible properties such as implants. Titanium Tube Fittings offer superior performance over other metals, such as steel, and provide many advantages, including non-magnetic properties that minimise interference with electronic equipment when used in electrical circuits. Thanks to its amazing attributes, titanium has become one of the most sought-after materials in many industrial applications today!

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Titanium Tube Fittings Price

Description Price
Gr5 Titanium Tubes Fittings US$ 13 / Piece
Single Ferrule 90 Degree Bulkhead Union Elbow US$ 5.62 / Piece
Male Thread Elbows US$ 1.66-21.7 / Piece
Titanium Gr4 Double Ferrule Fittings US$ 13 / Piece
Titanium Grade 5 Male Elbow US$ 5.62 / Piece
ASME SB 381 Grade 2 Bulkhead Union US$ 1.66-21.7 / Piece
Tial6v4 Hydraulic Tube Fittings US$ 13 / Piece
ASTM B381 Grade 5 Tube to Union US$ 5.62 / Piece
Titanium Gr2 Compression Coupling US$ 1.66-21.7 / Piece

Please note this is an approx Cost of Titanium Tube Fittings in India. For final Titanium Double Ferrule Fittings price list please mail us.

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