ThePipingMart Blog Products Hastelloy C22 Bars – Composition, Properties and Uses

Hastelloy C22 Bars – Composition, Properties and Uses

Hastelloy C22 Bars - Composition Properties And Uses

Hastelloy C22 is an alloy made from nickel, molybdenum, and chromium, with the addition of tungsten providing excellent resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion, and stress corrosion cracking. Hastelloy C22 bars are used in different industries as a component in chemical processing equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturing, gas turbine components, and heat exchangers. This blog post will provide comprehensive knowledge about the composition, physical and mechanical properties, heat treatment, and corrosion resistance of Alloy C22 bars.


Hastelloy C22 Bars Composition:

The composition of Hastelloy C22 Round Bar  is an interesting tradeoff between various elements. The alloy typically contains 56% nickel, 22% chromium, 13% molybdenum, and 3% tungsten. Other elements present in trace amounts include iron, cobalt, manganese, and silicon. The presence of molybdenum and tungsten provides Alloy N06022 Hex Bar with superior corrosion resistance, allowing it to excel in harsh chemical environments like chlorine-containing media.

GRADE Ni Cr p Si S Mn C V Co W Fe
ALLOY C-22 Min BALANCE 20 2.5 2
Max 22.5 0.02 0.08 0.02 0.5 0.015 0.35 0.25 3.5 6

Hastelloy C22 Bars Physical Properties:

Alloy C22 Round Bar possess excellent physical properties. Their density is 8.69 grams per cubic centimetre, and their melting point is 1350 degrees Celsius. These bars can withstand temperatures up to 550 degrees Celsius and possess excellent thermal stability. C22 Hastelloy Cold Drawn Bar have an electrical conductivity of 18.7 and possess a heat capacity of 0.43 J/g°C.

Grade Density (g/cm3) Elastic Modulus (GPa) Coeff of Thermal Expansion (μm/m/°C) Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K) Electrical Resistivity (Ωμ.m) Elastic Modulus (GPa) Specific Heat (J/Kg.K) Melting Range
24-100°C 0-100°C at 100°C
Alloy C-22 8.69 220 12.4 11.1 1.23 206 423 1399

Hastelloy C22 Bars Mechanical Properties:

The mechanical properties of Hastelloy B574 Hollow Bar  are equally impressive. Their tensile strength is about 690 MPa, with an elongation of about 40%. Hastelloy C22 bars have yield strength of approximately 283 MPa and a low coefficient of thermal expansion, making them perfect components for constructing heat exchangers.

Grade Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation
[MPA] [MPA] (% in 50mm) min
Hastelloy C-22 690 310 45

Hastelloy C22 Bars Equivalent

Hastelloy C22 2.4602 N06022 NW 6022 NiCr21Mo14W

Hastelloy C22 Bars Heat Treatment:

C22 Hastelloy Cold Drawn Bar are annealed at high temperatures to improve their mechanical properties and increase their resistance to various forms of corrosion. The alloy requires a solution annealing process followed by a rapid cooling step to yield the desired microstructure. The annealing process should typically occur at temperatures between 1000-1200°C, and the cooling should occur rapidly to prevent the precipitation of unwanted phases like sigma or chi phases in the structure.

Hastelloy C22 Bars Corrosion Resistance:

Hastelloy C22 Round Bars were specifically designed to resist corrosion in various harsh environments. The alloy’s composition and microstructure resist general and localized corrosion, including crevice and pitting corrosion. Hastelloy C22 bars can also withstand aggressive chemical attacks from oxidizing and reducing media, even at high temperatures. The bars are therefore used in applications such as chemical processing, flue gas desulfurization, and pulp and paper operations.



Hastelloy B574 Hollow Bar  are an excellent solution for highly corrosive environments, thanks to their composition and unique combination of mechanical and physical properties. These bars have excellent corrosion resistance, thermal stability, and mechanical strength. Alloy N06022 Hex Bar must be appropriately heat-treated to ensure effective performance and may require additional welding if necessary. Understanding the composition, physical and mechanical properties, heat treatment, and corrosion resistance of Hastelloy C22 bars is vital to the effectiveness of these bars in any given application.

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