ThePipingMart Blog Products Monel K500 Sheet Plate – Composition, Properties and Uses

Monel K500 Sheet Plate – Composition, Properties and Uses

Monel K500 Sheet Plate - Composition Properties And Uses

Monel K500 is a nickel-copper alloy known for its excellent corrosion resistance, particularly against seawater and other aggressive industrial environments. Monel K500 sheet plate is widely used in various industries due to its incredible properties and capabilities. If you want to learn more about the Monel K500 sheet plate, this guide is for you. This blog post will discuss the composition, physical and mechanical properties, heat treatment process, uses, and corrosion resistance of the Monel K500 sheet plate.

What is Monel K500 Sheet Plate?

Monel K500 Plate is a nickel-copper alloy that combines the excellent corrosion resistance of Monel 400 with the added advantages of greater strength and hardness. The increased properties are obtained by adding aluminium and titanium to the nickel-copper base and heating under controlled conditions so that submicroscopic particles of Ni3Ti sediment within the structure. This makes Monel K500 ideal for marine, chemical and petrochemical applications and those in pulp/paper processing industries.

Monel K500 Sheet Plate Composition:

Monel K500 sheet plate comprises 63% nickel, 30% copper, 2.5% aluminium, and 3% titanium, along with iron, manganese, and silicon traces. Adding aluminium and titanium improves the alloy’s strength and hardness while maintaining its corrosion resistance. The alloy can be further strengthened by age-hardening, where precipitate formation stabilises and strengthens the microstructure.

Grade C Mn Si S Cu Fe Ni
Monel K500 0.25 max 1.5 max 0.5 max 0.010 max 27.00 – 33.00 0.5 – 2 63.00 min

Monel K500 Sheet Plate Physical Properties:

Nickel Alloy K500 sheet plate has excellent physical properties making it a popular choice in industrial applications. It has a density of 8.44 g/cm³ at room temperature, a melting point of 1350-1400°C, and a thermal expansion coefficient ranging from 13.1 to 13.7×10-6/K. Monel K500 is also non-magnetic, making it suitable for magnetic-sensitive applications.

Monel K500 Sheet Plate Mechanical Properties:

K500 Monel Hot Rolled Plates has exceptional mechanical properties, making it suitable for high-stress applications. It has a yield strength of 345 MPa, ultimate tensile strength of 1100-1300 MPa, and 5-20% flexibility. Monel K500 is also highly resistant to corrosion, particularly in reducing environments, making it a popular choice for offshore applications.

Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Monel K500 8.44 g/cm3 1350 °C (2460 °F) Psi – 160000 , MPa – 1100 Psi – 115000 , MPa – 790 20 %

Monel K500 Sheet Plate Heat Treatment:

The heat treatment process of the ASME SB 127 Monel Cold Rolled Plates involves annealing, followed by age-hardening. The annealing process is done at 870-980°C for two hours, followed by quenching in water. Age-hardening is done at 540-595°C for 4-8 hours, followed by air-cooling. This process helps to increase the strength and hardness of the Monel K500 sheet plate, making it more resistant to deformation and corrosion.

Monel K500 Sheet Plate Equivalent

Monel K500 2.4375 N05500

Monel K500 Sheet Plate Uses:

Alloy K500 Sheet  is used in various industrial applications such as marine engineering, chemical processing, oil and gas, and aerospace. The alloy is well suited for valve and pump components, heat exchangers, fasteners, and seawater and gas handling equipment. Its exceptional properties make it ideal for high strength, corrosion resistance, and durability applications.

Monel K500 Sheet Plate Corrosion Resistance:

Monel K500 Plate has excellent corrosion resistance to seawater, brine, and hydrofluoric acid. It also exhibits excellent mechanical and corrosion properties at high temperatures and pressures, making it an ideal choice for high-stress applications. The alloy also has good resistance to stress corrosion cracking, corrosion fatigue, and pitting corrosion, further increasing its durability.



UNS N05500 sheet plate is an excellent corrosion-resistant alloy that finds its application in various industrial environments. Its unique properties, high corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, heat resistance, and durability make it an ideal material for high-stress applications. In this blog post, we have discussed the composition, physical and mechanical properties, heat treatment process, uses, and corrosion resistance of the Monel K500 sheet plate. Hopefully, this guide has given you a comprehensive understanding of this incredible alloy and its capabilities.

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