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Copper Busbar Weight Calculator

Copper Busbar Weight Calculator

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Calculating the weight of copper busy can be challenging and time-consuming. With copper busbar weight calculators, this task is made easy and efficient. All that is needed is to input the copper busbar dimensions such as its length, width, and thickness; the copper grade; and it’s copper density to get a copper busbar weight calculation almost instantly. Furthermore, copper busbar weight calculators take into account additional factors such as the manufacturing treatment process, calculation accuracy needs, etc., giving engineers and designers more accurate results for their copper busbar weight calculations just with a few clicks or taps away.


How to calculate the weight of copper busbar

Calculating the weight of a copper busbar can be a challenging task, but with the right steps and an understanding of basic principles, it can easily be done. First, measure the width, height, and length of the busbar in inches. Multiply these three measurements together to determine the cross-sectional area in square inches. Next, multiply this area by 0.316, which is taken from a standard chart for finding the weight per cubic foot of metal. Finally, divide this number by 12 to find the final weight of one linear foot of the copper busbar. Following these steps will ensure you are getting an accurate reading of what your piece of copper weighs.

Copper busbar weight calculation formula

The copper weight is calculated by the cross-section of a cable x 9.6 and will be shown in kg/km. For example, FLRY 1.50 mm² has a copper weight of 14.4 kg/km (9.6 x 1.5).

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