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GI Pipe Weight Calculator

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Galvanized pipe weight calculator

Calculating the weight of a galvanized pipe can be an important part of any building engineering project. Fortunately, there are online tools that make finding the correct weight quickly and easily. Most galvanized pipe weight calculators prompt you to input the basic parameters like size and length, then the calculator will perform the calculations and produce an accurate measurement. Knowing exactly how much your piping weighs can help ensure complete accuracy in all aspects of your engineering projects. Making sure you have the right knowledge at your fingertips will ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. With a galvanized pipe weight calculator, building engineers can rest assured knowing they have instant access to reliable calculations.



How to calculate gi pipe weight

If you are looking to calculate the weight of a gi pipe, there are several easy techniques at your disposal. The simplest is to take the total length of the pipe and multiply it by the weight per unit length, as this will give you an accurate estimate of its weight. However, if you want a more precise figure then you’ll need to combine multiple measurements, such as diameter, thickness and length. By using these factors in combination with a few simple calculations, you can easily come up with the gi pipe’s total weight. This could be helpful for any situation where you must accurately monitor the load-bearing capacity of your pipes.


Galvanized pipe weight calculation formula in kg

Galvanized steel weight of 1 m of Pipe length=0.0036004565*7850=28.26358356 Kg.

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