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Steel Rod Weight Calculator

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Steel Rod Weight Calculator

Calculating the weight of a steel rod can be difficult because of the variety in size and shape that they come in. With a steel rod weight calculator, however, this problem is eliminated. This online tool allows users to input various data points like length, diameter, and material type — information which would otherwise have to be obtained manually — and then get an accurate weight estimate for their specific item within seconds. With such a useful tool available so easily on the internet, anyone can quickly calculate the weight of any steel rod they need with ease.


How To Calculate Weight Of Steel Rod

To calculate the weight of a steel rod, you first need to know its length, which can be measured with a measuring tape. Then, use the formula density x volume = mass to figure out how much it weighs. The density of steel is usually around 7.8 or 7.85 g/cm3 depending on what grade and alloy it is. Multiply that by the volume, which can be figured out by multiplying cross-sectional area (which you can find in tables online) by the length of the steel rod and you have your answer! Knowing the weight of a steel rod is an important part of any construction project as it allows builders to plan appropriately for their materials needs so they don’t run into any unexpected problems.

Steel Rod Weight Calculation Formula

If you want to find the weight, then the formula would be D x D x L / 162. Here, D is the diameter and L is the length (usually 12). Let’s now calculate the weight for a TMT bar of size 8 mm. The weight W = 8 x 8 x 12 / 162 = 4.74.

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