ThePipingMart Blog Welding Electrodes AWS Class E310-16 Coated Electrodes – Composition, Properties, and Uses 

AWS Class E310-16 Coated Electrodes – Composition, Properties, and Uses 

AWS Class E310-16 Coated Electrodes

Welding alloy plays a crucial role in many industries. Hence, it is essential to understand the different types of welding electrodes used in today’s market. One popular welding electrode is the AWS Class E310-16 coated electrode. This type of electrode is known for its excellent resistance to corrosion, improved mechanical properties, and exceptional heat treatment. This blog post will discuss everything you need to know about AWS Class E310-16 Coated Electrodes, from their composition to their uses.

What are AWS Class E310-16 Coated Electrodes?

AWS Class E310-16 Coated Electrodes are a type of specialized welding consumable. These electrodes feature stainless steel cores coated with a mix of titanium and calcium oxide. This special coating helps to increase arc stability, make manipulation easier, and protect welds from oxidation or discolouration. The electrodes have good strength properties at high temperatures, making them ideal for applications in power plants, heat exchangers, ships and other parts requiring high-temperature resistance. They can also be used to weld several different types of filler metals like stainless steel, chromium molybdenum steels (chrome-moly), nickel alloys, as well as other difficult-to-work materials due to their ability to tolerate large amounts of deformation before solidifying.

E310-16 Coated Electrodes Composition

AWS Class E310-16 Coated Electrodes is an austenitic welding electrode with excellent resistance to heat and corrosion. This electrode is typically used for welding stainless steel grades such as 310, 304, 316, and other high-temperature applications. The composition of AWS Class E310-16 Coated Electrodes includes a mixture of iron, chromium, and nickel. Moreover, the electrode has a low carbon content, which prevents it from carbide precipitation that causes intergranular corrosion.

C Cr Ni Mo Mn Si P S Cu
0.08-0.20 25.0-28.0 20.0-22.5 0.75 1.0-2.5 0.75 0.03 0.03 0.75

E310-16 Welding Electrodes Physical Properties

The physical properties of AWS Class E310-16 Coated Electrodes play a significant role in its performance. The electrode has a diameter range of 1.6mm to 4.0mm and a length of 350mm to 450mm. Its physical appearance is a metallic grey cylinder with a flux coating that ranges from white to greenish-grey. The electrode’s flux coating produces slag, a protective layer against atmospheric gases during welding wire.

E310-16 Coated Electrodes Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of AWS Class E310-16 Coated Electrodes are exceptional. Its strength is remarkably high, with an ultimate tensile strength of 65,000 PSI and a yield strength of 53,000 PSI. Additionally, AWS Class E310-16 Coated Electrodes have excellent flexibility and impact resistance, making them ideal for different high-temperature applications.

Yield Strength 90,500 psi
Tensile Strength 61,500 psi
Elongation 34%

E310-16 Welding Electrodes Trade Names

Class UNS Oxford Alloys BOHLER UTP
E310-16 W31010 Alloy 310-16 BOHLER FOX FFB – A UTP 68 H

E310-16 Coated Electrodes Parameters

Diameter Process Volt Amps (flat) Amps (V/OH)
in (mm)
 3/32  (2.4) SMAW  24-28 70-85 65-75
 1/8  (3.2) SMAW  26-30 85-110  80-90
 5/32  (4.0) SMAW  28-32 110-140  100-120
 3/16  (4.8) SMAW  28-32 120-160  110-130

E310-16 Welding Electrodes Uses

AWS Class E310-16 Coated Electrodes are used in various industrial applications primarily because of their corrosion-resistant properties. They are ideal for welding pipes, tubes, and tanks that operate under high-temperature and high-pressure environments. Moreover, these electrodes are used in chemical and petrochemical industries, where aggressive environments cause corrosion.

E310-16 Coated Electrodes Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is crucial in welding, and AWS Class E310-16 filler wire responds quite well to it. These electrodes are annealed for better toughness and fabrication, followed by water quenching. Upon completion of welding, annealing is required to restore the weld’s corrosion-resistant properties.


AWS Class E310-16 Coated Electrodes are a popular welding electrode used in various high-temperature applications. Their excellent resistance to heat and corrosion, exceptional mechanical properties, and corrosion-resistant properties make them ideal for different industrial applications. Welders can rely on these electrodes to produce durable, corrosion-resistant, high-quality welds. Knowing more about these welding electrodes can help you understand the type best suited for your welding projects.

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