ThePipingMart Blog Welding Electrodes AWS Class ENiCrCoMo-1 Welding Electrode – Composition, Properties, and Uses

AWS Class ENiCrCoMo-1 Welding Electrode – Composition, Properties, and Uses

AWS Class ENiCrCoMo-1

When it comes to welding applications, selecting the right filler materials is crucial for ensuring the quality of the final product. One such material that has gained popularity in recent years is AWS Class ENiCrCoMo-1. This welding wire is specially designed for various applications where high resistance to corrosion, heat, and wear is required. This blog post will discuss everything you need to know about AWS Class ENiCrCoMo-1, from its composition and physical properties to its heat treatment and corrosion resistance.

What is AWS Class ENiCrCoMo-1 Welding Electrode ?

AWS Class ENiCrCoMo-1 welding electrodes are nickel-based alloys that provide hardness and strength in higher temperature environments and are commonly used for gas metal arc, submerged arc, and flux-cored arc welding techniques. These welding alloy provide excellent corrosion resistance to both low alloy steels and stainless steels. They can join various materials ranging from 5% chrome steel to cast iron. The electrode coating helps prevent oxidation during welding processes, allowing the welds to stay consistent over a wide range of temperatures – up to 2100°F (1149°C). This electrode type is notably versatile; it can be used in all positions, including out-of-position applications, with good results. Additionally, it can be applied to many types of joint configurations without significant signs of cracking or failure during long-term service conditions.

ENiCrCoMo-1 Weld Wire Composition

AWS Class ENiCrCoMo-1 welding alloy is a nickel-based filler metal that contains a high percentage of nickel, chromium, cobalt, and molybdenum. The nickel provides superior corrosion resistance, while the chromium and cobalt enhance oxidation resistance and help retain the material’s structural integrity at high temperatures. Molybdenum improves the welding wire’s strength and resistance to corrosion and wear.

C Mn Fe P S Si Cu Ni Cr Nb+Ta Mo Other
0.10 1.0-3.5 12.0 0.03 0.02 0.75 0.50 62.0 13.0-17.0 0.5-3.0 0.5-2.5 0.50

ENiCrCoMo-1 Coated Electrode Physical Properties

AWS Class ENiCrCoMo-1 filler metal has excellent physical properties, making it perfect for high-temperature applications. It has a high melting point of 2700°F and can withstand temperatures up to 2100°F. Its thermal conductivity is 29.1 Btu/hr-ft-°F, and its specific gravity is 8.4.

ENiCrCoMo-1 Welding Electrode Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of AWS Class ENiCrCoMo-1 welding alloy are exceptional, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications. It has a tensile strength of 120,000 psi, much higher than other filler metals. The wire’s yield strength is 70,000 psi, with an elongation of 35%.

Tensile Strength 110,000 psi
Yield Strength 87,500 psi
Elongation 27%

ENiCrCoMo-1 Coated Electrode Trade Names

Class UNS Oxford Alloys Special Metals SANDVIK UTP

ENiCrCoMo-1 Parameters

Diameter Process Volt Amps (flat) Amps (V/OH)
in (mm)
3/32 (2.4) SMAW 24-28 70-85 65-75
1/8 (3.2) SMAW 26-30 85-110 80-90
5/32 (4.0) SMAW 28-32 110-140 100-120
3/16 (4.8) SMAW 28-32 120-160 110-130

ENiCrCoMo-1 Welding Electrode Uses

AWS Class ENiCrCoMo-1 filler metal is commonly used in various industries, including chemical processing, oil and gas, marine, and aerospace. This welding rod  is used for welding materials that require high resistance to corrosion, heat, and wear, such as stainless steel, Inconel, and Monel.

ENiCrCoMo-1 Coated Electrode Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is essential for AWS Class ENiCrCoMo-1 filler metal to ensure its maximum properties. The filler wire can undergo a solution annealing process to increase flexibility and refine its microstructure. The welding wire can also be subjected to a stress-relieving process to reduce residual stress and improve corrosion resistance.

ENiCrCoMo-1 Welding Electrode Corrosion Resistant

AWS Class ENiCrCoMo-1 welding alloy is highly corrosion-resistant and can resist many acidic environments. It is resistant to corrosion from organic and inorganic acids, including sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and acetic acid. The filler metal is also highly resistant to saltwater corrosion, making it ideal for marine applications.


In conclusion, AWS Class ENiCrCoMo-1 is an excellent welding wire that has gained popularity due to its high resistance to corrosion, heat, and wear. It is widely used in various industries, including chemical processing, oil and gas, marine, and aerospace. Its physical and mechanical properties make it ideal for heavy-duty applications where durability and reliability are crucial. By understanding its composition, physical and mechanical properties, heat treatment, and corrosion resistance, you can decide when to select AWS Class ENiCrCoMo-1 for your next welding project.

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