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AWS Class ER80S-B2 Welding Wire – Composition, Properties, and Uses

AWS Class ER80S-B2

If you’re in the welding industry, you’ve probably encountered AWS Class ER80S-B2. This is a popular filler metal that is used for welding low-alloy steels. It is incredibly malleable, and it has excellent resistance to cracking, making it a top choice for many welders.

This blog post will explore AWS Class ER80S-B2 and its properties. We’ll discuss its composition, physical and mechanical properties, as well as its uses and heat treatment. So let’s dive in and learn everything there is to know about this popular filler metal.

What is AWS Class ER80S-B2?

AWS Class ER80S-B2 Welding Electrodes are abundant nickel-chromium-based electrodes that function in AC and DC. This way, they can accommodate various welding applications, from general fabrication to high-strength structural welds. These electrodes have excellent cracking and porosity tolerance, enabling high-quality welds with a low work hardening rate and good ductility even in conditioned parts. Despite being extremely durable, these electrodes provide superior arc stability, allowing precise control over heat input for proper bead profile formation. Additionally, AWS Class ER80S-B2 Welding Electrodes have extremely consistent deposit chemistry, making them ideal for welding on galvanized or coated steels and dissimilar joints such as copper alloys and cast iron components.

ER80S-B2 Welding Wire Composition

AWS Class ER80S-B2 filler metal is a low-alloy wire that contains chromium and molybdenum as its primary alloying elements. It also contains small amounts of silicon, manganese, and carbon. The silicon content improves the wire’s flow, while the manganese contributes to the wire’s strength.



Si Cr Mo P S




.48 1.35 .55 .012 .006


ER80S-B2 Welding Wire Physical Properties

The AWS Class ER80S-B2 wire has a diameter range of 0.023 to 0.045 inches and comes in a 33 lb spool. The wire has a beautiful metallic finish, and its colour is typically silver or grey. It has a specific gravity of 7.85, which is relatively dense.

ER80S-B2 Coated Wire Mechanical Properties

AWS Class ER80S-B2 has excellent mechanical properties. The tensile strength of the wire is approximately 700 MPa, which is higher than most standard low-alloy filler metals. The wire also has high yield strength, around 620 MPa, and high elongation of about 23%. These properties indicate that AWS Class ER80S-B2 is a robust, malleable wire that can withstand stress without breaking.


85,000 PSI


71,500 PSI




60 ft. lbs.

ER80S-B2 MIG & TIG Welding Wire Trade Names

Class UNS Oxford Alloys BOHLER
ER80S-B2 K20900 Alloy 80S-B2 UNION ER80S-B2

ER80S-B2 MIG & TIG Filler Metal Parameters


1/16” 50-120 7-13 Ar
GTAW (TIG) 3/32” 120-200 10-16 Ar

1/8” 150-220 12-18 Ar


.045” 1/16”
CO2 or 75 Ar / 25 CO2 CO2 or 75 Ar / 25 CO2
GMAW (MIG) .035” 180-230 25-28 98 Ar / 2 O2
SPRAY .045” 250-350 25-30 75 Ar / 25 CO2
TRANSFER 1/16” 280-400 26-36 75 Ar / 25 CO2
SUBMERGED 3/32” 250-400 28-32 UV420TTR
ARC 1/8” 400-600 30-34 UV420TTR

ER80S-B2 Coated Wire Uses

AWS Class ER80S-B2 filler wire is widely used in the welding industry. It is a fill metal that can be used to weld low-alloy steels such as:

  • ASTM A335 P11, P12, P22, and P91
  • ASTM A213 T11, T12, T22, and T91
  • ASTM A217 C12A and WC6
  • ASTM A335 P5 and P9

The high strength and flexibility of AWS Class ER80S-B2 make it ideal for welding pressure vessels, pipes, and boilers that can operate under high temperatures and pressures.

ER80S-B2 Welding Wire Heat Treatment

AWS Class ER80S-B2 filler metal can undergo heat treatment to enhance its properties further. The wire can be heat-treated at 620-660°C for an hour and then air-cooled to improve its strength and flexibility. The heat treatment process can also relieve residual stress in the weld, minimizing the risk of cracking.

ER80S-B2 Coated Wire Corrosion Resistant

AWS Class ER80S-B2 electrode is corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for welding applications where the material may be exposed to harsh environments. Chromium in the alloy provides excellent resistance to corrosion, and molybdenum improves the wire’s ability to withstand corrosion in a range of acidic environments.


AWS Class ER80S-B2 is an excellent filler metal used widely in the welding industry. Its strength, flexibility, and corrosion-resistant properties make it ideal for welding low-alloy steels in harsh environments. We hope this blog post has provided valuable information about AWS Class ER80S-B2, helping you understand its properties and applications. Please contact us if you have any questions or want to learn more about AWS Class ER80S-B2.

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