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AWS Class ERNi-1 Welding Electrode – Composition, Properties, and Uses

AWS Class ERNi-1

If you work in the welding industry, you may have heard of AWS Class ERNi-1. This type of welding wire is becoming increasingly popular, especially for welding nickel alloys and dissimilar metals. This blog post will explore all the essential details about AWS Class ERNi-1. We’ll start by discussing what it is before moving on to its composition, physical properties, mechanical properties, and uses. We’ll also delve into heat treatment and corrosion resistance before wrapping up with a conclusion.

What is AWS Class ERNi-1?

AWS Class ERNi-1 is a type of electrode resistance nickel base alloy. It has excellent weldability and possesses superior corrosion and oxidation resistance properties. This alloy can be used for welding carbon steel, stainless steel and other ferritic alloys in industrial, chemical, petrochemical, food processing and marine applications. The AWS ERNi-1 coated electrode has high tensile strength up to 800 MPa, excellent ductility & toughness, a good thermal Conductivity that remains strong even at high-temperature ranges (up to 1400°C), as well as exceptional corrosion protection due to the presence of 02.5–3% molybdenum content. Additionally, the AWS ERNi-1 melts at an extremely low rate making it suitable for thin-walled sections in any applications requiring precise welding techniques, such as automotive electronics or aerospace components production processes.

ERNi-1 Filler Wire Composition

AWS Class ERNi-1 filler metal is a solid nickel wire that contains a significant amount of nickel. In addition to nickel, it contains small amounts of other elements, including iron, chromium, and molybdenum. These elements help to increase the wire’s strength and improve its corrosion resistance.

C Mn Si S P Ni Fe Cu Al Ti
≤0.15 ≤1 ≤0.75 ≤0.015 ≤0.02 ≥93 ≤1 ≤0.25 ≤1.5 2-3.5

ERNi-1 Filler Wire Physical Properties

AWS Class ERNi-1 filler wire has unique physical properties that make it suitable for welding a wide range of metals. For instance, it has a high melting point of around 1455℃ and a density of 8.7 g/cm³. It also has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and excellent electrical conductivity.

ERNi-1 Filler Wire Mechanical Properties

AWS Class ERNi-1 filler metal boasts high tensile strength and good flexibility regarding mechanical properties. It can withstand high-temperature environments and is also resistant to wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for various welding applications.

Tensile Strength MPa(ksi) Yield Strength MPa(ksi) Elongation %
AWS requirement 380(55) Not specified Not specified
Typical results as welded 460(67) 260(38) 28

ERNi-1 Filler Wire Trade Names

Class UNS Oxford Alloys Special Metals UTP ESAB

ERNi-1 Filler Wire Parameters

Diameter Process Volt Amps Shielding Gas
In mm
0.035 0.9 GMAW 26-29 150-190 Spray Transfer 100% Argon
0.045 1.2 GMAW 28-32 180-220
1/16 1.6 GMAW 29-33 200-250
1/16 1.6 GTAW 14-18 90-130 100% Argon
3/32 2.4 GTAW 15-20 120-175 100% Argon
1/8 3.2 GTAW 15-20 150-220 100% Argon

ERNi-1 Filler Wire Uses

AWS Class ERNi-1 filler metal is an incredibly versatile welding wire that is suitable for a wide range of applications. It’s particularly useful for welding nickel alloys and other dissimilar metals, including stainless steel. Its high strength and corrosion resistance make it an excellent choice for welding parts exposed to harsh environments.

ERNi-1 Filler Wire Heat treatment

AWS Class ERNi-1 can respond well to heat treatment, which can help to improve its strength and flexibility. Typically, it’s annealed at around 870℃ and then rapidly cooled in water or other quenching solutions.

ERNi-1 Filler Wire Corrosion Resistant

One of the significant benefits of AWS Class ERNi-1 filler wire is its high corrosion resistance. It can withstand many corrosive environments, including hot acids, alkaline solutions, and high-temperature gases. Its corrosion resistance makes it a top choice for welding parts used in harsh conditions.


AWS Class ERNi-1 is an excellent choice for welding various nickel alloys and dissimilar metals. Its high nickel content, impressive physical and mechanical properties, and corrosion resistance make it a top pick for welding parts used in harsh environments. With proper heat treatment, it can be further enhanced to boost its strength and flexibility. Whether you’re welding parts for the aerospace, chemical, or oil and gas industries, AWS Class ERNi-1 is a welding wire worth considering.

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