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HAYNES® HR-120® Welding Wire – Composition, Properties and Uses

HAYNES® HR-120® Welding Wire

HAYNES® HR-120® welding wire is a high-performance alloy that has become increasingly popular in the welding industry. This innovative product is used for welding components that must be durable, long-lasting, and highly resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. This blog will explore the composition, mechanical and physical properties, uses, corrosion resistance, and heat treatment of HAYNES® HR-120® welding wire.

What is HAYNES® HR-120® Welding Wire?

HAYNES® HR-120® Welding Wire is a high-performance alloy wire developed by Haynes International. This welding wire comprises cobalt, chromium, molybdenum and other elements to increase strength and improve corrosion resistance in extreme temperatures. The weld deposit has excellent wear resistance properties making it ideal for use on large parts subjected to various operating conditions. It also features an excellent combination of controlled expansion rates and good electrical conductivity coupled with low diffusible hydrogen properties for superior welding performance.

HAYNES® HR-120® Welding Wire Composition

HAYNES® HR-120® welding electrode is a nickel-chromium alloy with high molybdenum, tungsten, niobium, and cobalt levels. This unique combination of metals gives the alloy exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to high temperatures and corrosion. The alloy is also incredibly versatile, ideal for various applications across several industries.

Elements Content (%)
Nickel, Ni 30 – 45
Chromium, Cr 12 – 32
Cobalt, Co  5
Molybdenum, Mo  5
Columbium + Tantalum (Cb + Ta)  4
Silicon, Si  3
Manganese, Mn  2
Carbon, C  0.20

HAYNES® HR-120® Welding Wire Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of HAYNES® HR-120® electrode make it ideal for high-stress applications such as gas turbines and chemical processing plants. It boasts excellent tensile strength, with a yield strength of 95 ksi and a tensile strength of 115 ksi. The wire exhibits excellent flexibility, making it easy to form and shape into the desired form. Additionally, it has a high melting point of approximately 2600°F, making it well-suited for use in high-temperature environments.

HAYNES® HR-120® Welding Wire Physical Properties

The physical properties of this alloy are also impressive. HAYNES® HR-120® wire exhibits high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion, making it ideal for welding high-temperature components that require a tight fit. The alloy also has excellent electrical and non-magnetic conductivity, making it ideal for applications where the magnetic field must be minimized.

HAYNES® HR-120® Welding Wire Trade Name

Class UNS
N08120 HAYNES® HR-120®

HAYNES® HR-120® Welding Wire Uses

HAYNES® HR-120® welding wire is used in several critical applications across various industries. One of its primary uses is producing gas turbine components, such as combustion chambers and turbine blades. The wire is also used in chemical processing plants to weld components that need to be resistant to high temperatures and corrosive substances. Additionally, it is used in the aerospace industry to make components that must withstand the extreme temperatures and pressures of spaceflight.

HAYNES® HR-120® Welding Wire Corrosion Resistance

HAYNES® HR-120® filler wire is incredibly corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for harsh environments. This alloy has excellent resistance to general corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, and pitting and crevice corrosion. It is also resistant to several corrosive substances, including sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and nitric acid.

HAYNES® HR-120® Welding Wire Heat Treatment

HAYNES® HR-120® filler metal can be heat-treated for greater strength and durability. The wire can be strengthened through precipitation hardening to increase its tensile strength and improve its resistance to high temperatures. Alternatively, the wire can be treated with a solution annealing process to improve its ductility and ease of use.


HAYNES® HR-120® welding wire is a versatile, high-performance alloy that has become increasingly popular in the welding industry. Its unique composition, mechanical and physical properties, and excellent corrosion resistance are ideal for various applications across several industries. Whether building gas turbines, chemical processing plants or aerospace components, HAYNES® HR-120® welding wire can help you achieve exceptional results. Contact your trusted welding wire supplier today to learn more about this special alloy.

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