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3 Types of Allen Screw and Their Uses

Allen Screw

Allen screws are a type of fastener used in many types of applications. They are typically used for tightening and loosening parts that require very small amounts of torque. While Allen screws come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, there are three main types that are most commonly used. Let’s look at the different types of Allen screws and how they can be used.

Types of Allen Screw

Hex Head Screw

Hex head screws are one of the most common types of Allen screws and are widely used in furniture assembly and repair as well as automotive applications. The head is shaped like a hexagon, making it easy to grip with a wrench or socket driver. This type of screw is available in both imperial (measured in inches) and metric (measured in millimeters) sizes, so it’s important to check which size you need before purchasing them.

Socket Head Screw

Socket head screws have a cylindrical head that is slightly larger than the body. They often have an internal hexagonal recess, so they can be tightened or loosened using an Allen wrench or socket driver. Socket head screws are usually made from stainless steel or brass, making them highly durable and corrosion-resistant. They can be used for woodworking projects, electronics assembly, and other high-torque applications where precision is key.

Flat Head Screw

Flat head screws have a flat top that sits flush against the surface it’s being screwed into. These screws offer more strength than their hex or socket counterparts because the entire screw is engaged when inserted into a hole drilled with the appropriate size bit. Flathead screws also provide better stability because they don’t have any protruding parts that could cause wobbling or slippage during installation or operation. As such, they’re often used in construction projects requiring strong joints without sacrificing aesthetics.


Allen screws provide a reliable way to secure components together without having to use specialized tools or equipment. Hex head screws are great for general-purpose tasks, while socket head and flat head screws offer increased strength for high-torque applications where precision is key. Knowing which type of Allen screw you need will help ensure your project comes out just right! No matter what project you’re working on, having the right type of Allen screw on hand will ensure you get the job done quickly and efficiently!

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