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3 Types of Security Screw and Their Uses

Security Screw

When it comes to securing items, no matter the purpose, it’s important to know about security screw types. Whether you need to secure a piece of furniture or an electronic device, the right type of screw can make all the difference in deterring theft and vandalism. Let’s take a look at some of the most common security screws and their uses.

Types of Security Screw

Hex Head Security Screw

Hex head security screws are typically used when a tamper-proof fastener is needed. They are more difficult to remove because they require a special tool—like an Allen wrench—to unscrew them. This makes hex head screws ideal for securing items like furniture, playground equipment, and other objects that need to be secured but are still accessible by authorized personnel.

Tamper-Proof Torx Screw

Tamper-proof Torx screws are designed with a post within the center of the screw head that prevents regular Torx drivers from fitting into it. These screws offer maximum security and can only be removed with a special tamper-proof Torx driver bit. They are most commonly used in high-security applications like banking machines, data centers, or any other places where sensitive data needs to be protected from tampering or theft.

Security Machine Screw

Security machine screws combine both hex head and slotted drive styles into one fastener for added strength and protection against tampering. They feature wings on either side of the head that will shear off if someone attempts to remove them using standard tools like pliers or wrenches. This makes them ideal for use in outdoor applications like playground equipment, fences, decks, etc., where additional security is desired, but access needs to be easy for authorized personnel who have the right tools at hand.


When it comes time to choose a security screw type for your project, there are many options available depending on your specific application needs. Hex head screws offer tamper resistance without requiring specialized tools, while Tamper-Proof Torx screws provide maximum security against tampering and theft in high-security areas. Security machine bolts provide extra strength with wings that shear off if someone attempts to remove them using standard tools. Understanding your specific requirements will help you decide which type of security screw is best for your project!

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