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3 Types of Wood Bolt

Wood Bolt

Wood bolts are an essential building material used in various projects. Whether you’re a carpenter, DIYer, or home renovator, it’s necessary to understand the different types of wood bolts available and their uses. Understanding each type will help you make the best decision for your project. Let’s take a look at the various kinds of wood bolts.

Types of Wood Bolt

Carriage Bolt

Carriage bolts are also referred to as coach screws or lag screws. They are usually made from steel and feature a round head with a square neck underneath it. These bolts are designed to be driven into the wood without pre-drilling. Carriage bolts come in sizes ranging from ¼” to 2″ long and have threads that run along the entire bolt length for added strength. Because they come in many different sizes, carriage bolts can be used in various applications, from furniture assembly to deck building.

Hex Head Bolt

Hex head bolts are made from steel and feature hexagonal heads with threads along the entire length of the bolt (similar to carriage bolts). The significant difference between hex head bolts and carriage bolts is that hex head bolts require pre-drilling before installation. This makes them more secure when installed because there is less chance for them to loosen over time due to vibration or movement. Hex head bolts come in lengths ranging from ½” up to 3 ½” long, making them great for larger projects such as heavy-duty furniture construction or large decks or docks.

Threaded Rod

Threaded rods consist of threaded pieces of metal (usually steel) with no heads or necks like traditional wood screws do. They come in lengths ranging from 6″ to 36″ long and are commonly used for attaching two pieces of lumber without having to drill pilot holes first. Threaded rods can also be used as structural support beams in larger projects such as barns or sheds where additional reinforcement is needed beyond what traditional wood screws could provide.


With so many different wood bolts available, knowing which is suitable for your project needs can be challenging. Understanding the differences between each type is essential to make an informed decision about which is best suited for your particular application. Whether you’re looking for extra security with hex head bolts, easy installation with carriage bolts, or reinforced strength with threaded rods, understanding each type will help ensure you get exactly what you need for your next project!

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