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Steel Nuts for Stud Bolts (ASTM A194)

A stud bolt is one steel rod with two threaded ends which has two hexagonal large steel nuts. Stud bolts consist of one rod and two nuts, which are manufactured in different suitable grades. These stud bolts are critical components of flanged joints. Stud bolts are available in many dimensions and specifications. Generally, these bolts are manufactured in materials like carbon alloy, stainless steel, Inconel, nickel alloys, Monel, Hastelloy, and titanium.
Nuts are a type of fasteners which has thread holed which coupled with bolts to attach multiple parts at the same time. These Nuts have threaded inserts, which are produced to provide load-bearing threads while installing in materials that are excessively thin to be tapped.

Steel Nuts for Stud Bolts

Two heavy steel nuts are bolted at the opposite sides of the rod to fasten the stud bolts. The stud bolts are correctly connected with the steel nuts due to the friction between their particular threads. This connection is made with an inadequate stretching of the bolt and the squeezing of the two connected parts. These steel nuts come with a hexagonal shape, which has six sides instead of 4 sides. This shape of the nuts ensures faster and more efficient screwing with studs. Steel Nuts has excellent mechanical strength, which makes it compatible with the durability of the mated bolt.
Steel Nuts are available in many grades, which makes them suitable for different industrial applications. ASTM A194 Steel Nuts are extensively utilized nuts for Stud Bolts.

ASTM A194 Steel Nuts

ASTM A194 grade has specifications of various materials like carbon, martensitic as well as austenitic stainless steel nuts. All these specifications of Steel Nuts make them perfect for high-pressure and high-temperature applications. These Nuts are prepared by performing processes like cold drawing and centreless grinding. Austenitic stainless steel Nuts are made tempered and strain-hardened. Each Steel Nut is made with all required chemical composition and prescribed specifications.
The material ASTM A194 has many grades that are capable of using in Nut manufacturing. These grades are like ASTM A194 2H, ASTM A194 2HM, ASTM A194 4, ASTM A194 3, ASTM A194 6, ASTM A194 7, ASTM A194 7M, ASTM A194 8, ASTM A194 8A, ASTM A194 8M, ASTM A194 8MA, ASTM A194 8C, and ASTM A194 8T. All these grades are suitable for stud bolts, which makes them durable and reliable. While choosing these grades, the main consideration is about the requirements of the industry or application.

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