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API 5L Pipes for Pipelines Explained

API 5L Pipes are the most widely used types of pipes which are used in pipeline applications in many industrial sectors. API 5L covers specifications of seamless as well as welded steel pipe. It has qualities such as a standard-weight and durable threaded pipe. All specifications pipe makes them suitable to use in complex operations. The purpose of this API 5L is to offers standards for pipes to make them suitable for use in carrying water, gas, and oil in the oil and gas industry.

What is API?

API is the American Petroleum Institute which has different standards for seamless and welded steel pipes. These standards make the selection process easier. As per the requirements of the manufacturer, the pipe can be selected by comparing the set standards.

Specifications for API 5L are following the set rules of the International Organization for Standardization, i.e. ISO 3183. This regulates pipeline conveyance systems in the equipment, materials and offshore fabrications for the natural gas industry, petroleum, and petrochemical. Under this standardization, Product Specifications Levels (PSL) are divided into two sets, such as API 5L PSL 1 Pipe and API 5L PSL 2 Pipe.


API 5L classifications

API 5L pipes specifications are classified in different factors which make a selection or utilising process effective.

  • Execution

API 5L includes seamless or welded pipe in which seamless pipes are suitable to use up to 24 inches, ERW up to 20 inches and LSAW above 24 inches.

  • Product Specification Level

There are two levels in product specification like PSL1 and PSL2. PSL1 is a conventional quality which is generally used for pipelines. PSL2 has a more powerful mechanical as well as chemical properties. It also has substantial testing requirements.

  • Surface finishing

There are different surface finishing types in this standard, such as varnish painted, black, coated externally, anti-rust oil, galvanized, and lined internally. API 5L pipes come with all these finishing to make operation smoother.

  • Ends types

There are different types of ends in API 5L pipes such as bevelled, plain, and threaded end. As per industrial requirements, pipes can be selected in particular end type.

Size of API 5L

API 5L pipes are available in different sizes and diameters. Seamless execution is readily available between the dimensions between 2 to 28″. Welded execution is available up to 80″. Theses pipes are also can be availed in customized forms as per the demands.

Features of API 5L pipe

  • API 5L pipes come with many advantages which make them perfect for pipelines. These pipes have unique features to make
    its utilization productive.
  • API 5L pipes have excellent resistance to cracking forces which can be caused in long pipelines. This feature makes them
  • It has sour service suitability.
  • API 5L has excellent strength and ability to withstand in high-temperature applications.
  • Long service life in any industrial pipeline operation is one of the significant features of API 5L.

All these specifications and features of API 5L pipes makes it easier to select and convenient to use in the pipeline.

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