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Types of Eye Bolts and Their Uses

Eye Bolts

Eye bolts are incredibly versatile pieces of fastening hardware used extensively in industrial, commercial, and domestic applications. They come in different shapes and sizes and are designed to suit different loads and environments. Essentially, they allow various attachments, such as ropes, wires, ties and chains, to be easily and safely secured to structures and objects. In this blog post, we take a closer look at some of the different types of eye bolts and their uses to better understand which one is best for your particular application.

What is Eye Bolt?

An Eye Bolt is a threaded fastener with a circular ring at one end. It attaches a securing eye to surfaces such as walls and ceilings, allowing ropes or wires to be attached to them. Eye Bolts are usually made from steel, stainless steel, brass or bronze and come in different sizes and forms depending on their purpose. They are perfect for anchoring, tying down or suspending objects.

Types and Uses of Eye Bolts 

Shoulder Eye Bolt:

Shoulder eye bolts, as the name suggests, come with a shoulder that supports the load. This eye bolt type is used for angular lifts or where the loading is not in line with the bolt. They are commonly used in rigging where allocation of the load is required.

Lag Eye Bolt:

Lag eye bolts are used in wood and many other materials like concrete, brick, and metal by securing the threaded end into the material. They are designed to be screwed into place and are often used in structural applications such as timber frame buildings or roofing.

Weld Eye Bolt:

Weld eye bolts are used in projects that need a permanent fixing solution. As the name implies, this eye bolt type is welded to the desired structure or object. Weld eye bolts come in various sizes and should always be welded by a professional for optimal strength and safety.

Machine Shoulder Eye Bolt:

Machine Shoulder Eye Bolts are specifically designed for use with machinery, often used to support threaded rods, machine screws, or wire ropes. They are perfect for equipment assembly and are common in manufacturing plants or factories.

Shoulder Pattern Eye Bolt:

Shoulder Pattern Eye Bolts have an extended threaded shaft with a shoulder pattern shape, making them ideal for sheave applications. They are commonly used with a strap arrangement to lift items or secure objects to machinery.


In conclusion, eye bolts are an incredibly versatile type of fastening hardware, and each different type of eye bolt has its speciality and best use case. So, selecting the right type of eye bolt to match your application’s requirements is always important. With a clear understanding of the different types of eye bolt and their uses, you can ensure that your project is successfully executed with the right hardware. Therefore, take your time in selecting the appropriate eye bolt and do not hesitate to consult with professionals to ensure the safety of your project.

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