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What is Arbor Bolts? Properties, Uses and Application

Arbor Bolts

If you are into longboarding, skateboarding, or cruising, you should know the importance of the hardware that holds your trucks onto your deck. Arbor bolts are skateboard hardware that has become increasingly popular due to their durability and strength. They are the backbone of your skateboard setup and are essential to your ride. In this blog post, we will review what arbor bolts are, their properties uses and applications, and how to use them in your setup.

What is Arbor Bolts?

Arbor bolts are heavy-duty bolts that are designed to fasten multiple pieces of material together securely and quickly. They are often used in construction, engineering, and industrial settings due to their strong hold and easy installation. Arbor bolts typically feature a round body, square neck, an internal hexagonal drive system, and a sharp thread point for optimum grip and retention.

Arbor Bolts Properties:

Arbor bolts are designed to meet the highest standards for strength and durability. They are made from high-performance materials that withstand heavy loads and extreme conditions. The bolts have a unique shape, providing a superior grip to the truck’s baseplate. This shape also eliminates any chance of slipping or stripping of the bolts during your ride. Arbor bolts are also corrosion resistant, which significantly extends their lifespan.

Arbor Bolts Uses and Application 

Arbor bolts are primarily used to attach the trucks to the decks of longboards, cruisers and skateboards. They are suitable for all setups and sizes, making them compatible with most decks and trucks. The bolts’ head and shaft’s unique shape are designed to fit any truck’s baseplate perfectly. It enables the bolt to provide an excellent grip to the baseplate, ensuring that the truck stays attached to the deck throughout your ride.

How to Use Arbor Bolts:

Using arbour bolts is relatively straightforward. Once you have your deck and trucks, place the deck on a flat surface, place the trucks on top of the deck, and thread the bolts into the baseplate of each truck. It’s essential to make sure you tighten the bolts thoroughly and evenly. If the bolts are too loose, they can cause your trucks to come loose, leading to accidents. If the bolts are too tight, they can damage your deck or baseplate.


Arbor bolts are essential components of any skateboard setup. They provide a stronger and precise connection between the trucks and decks, ensuring a smooth and safe ride. They have unique properties such as strength, durability, and corrosion resistance, making them ideal for any skateboarder. When using arbour bolts, always ensure that you tighten them evenly and thoroughly to avoid any accidents. Invest in a high-quality set of arbor bolts for better performance and safety on the road. In conclusion, this blog post has provided useful information about arbor bolts and how to use them. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments.

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