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What is Belleville Washers? Properties, Uses and Application

Belleville Washers

Belleville washers, or disc springs, are cone-shaped washers designed to provide high spring force in small spaces. These washers are used in various industries, including aerospace, defence, oil and gas, and automotive. In this blog post, we will discuss in detail the properties, uses and applications of Belleville washers.

What is Belleville Washer?

Belleville washers are conically shaped discs used as spring-like components of mechanical assemblies to provide a preload. They work by concentrating the load on the fasteners when tightened and reduce vibration in bolted joints. Used in various applications, Belleville washers have become a staple in aerospace, military, automotive, electronics and manufacturing industries.

Belleville Washer Properties 

Belleville washers are made of stainless steel, carbon steel, and bronze. They can also be coated with various materials, including zinc, nickel, and cadmium, to enhance their resistance to corrosion and wear. These washers are designed as conical, allowing them to compress significantly when compressed axially. They exhibit two fundamental properties: high spring rates, fairly small deflections, and excellent load-bearing capacity.

Belleville Washer Uses:

Belleville washers are used in various applications, including bolted joints, valves, electrical switches, and clutch and brake systems. They are commonly used as preload, vibration dampers, and cushion springs. Belleville washers can also be used in applications where a controlled amount of spring force is desirable. These washers are also used in precision instruments and machines where small size and high force requirements are necessary.

Belleville Washer Applications:

Belleville washers are commonly used in aircraft and aerospace applications as vibration dampers. They are also used in aircraft engines, providing a stabilizing force against high-frequency vibrations. They are also used in brakes and clutches in the automotive industry and drilling operations in the oil and gas industry. Spring washers are used in electrical contacts to improve electrical conductivity, force measuring equipment to measure tension and various industrial applications.

Belleville Washer Advantages:

Belleville washers offer several advantages compared to traditional coil springs. These washers require less space in an assembly, allowing for more compact designs. They offer high spring force in a small space, making them ideal for applications with limited space. They also have a longer life span, are more fatigue-resistant, and can sustain large loads in compressive applications.


Belleville washers are essential in many applications, providing high spring force and a longer life span while occupying less space. These washers are particularly useful in applications with limited space and high force requirements. While Belleville washers are more expensive to manufacture, they offer several advantages over traditional springs, including a more compact design, higher load capacity, and longer life spans. When properly used, they can be a valuable tool in improving the efficiency and reliability of machinery and equipment.

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