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What is Knurled Thumb Nuts? Properties, Dimensions and Uses

What is Knurled Thumb Nuts

Knurled thumb nuts are a speciality fastener that is used in a variety of applications. They are often found where a secure hold is required, such as electronic equipment and furniture. If you’re wondering what knurled thumb nuts are and how they work, read on for an introduction to this magnetic fastener.

What Is Knurled Thumb Nuts?

Knurled thumb nuts are small metal nuts with ridges, or grooves cut into the exterior surface. The ridges make it easier to grip the nut with your fingers, allowing you to easily tighten or loosen it without needing a tool. The threads on knurled thumb nuts are usually coarse, which helps increase the friction between the nut and its mating surface, creating a tighter hold.

Knurled Thumb Nuts Uses

Knurled thumb nuts have many uses. They are especially useful when you need to access something quickly without using tools or too much force. Examples include securing electrical components in place or attaching furniture legs or casters. The grooved design also makes them ideal for use in tight spaces where there isn’t enough room for a wrench or other tool. In addition, knurled thumb nuts can be used in place of conventional nuts when extra gripping power is needed.

Knurled Thumb Nuts Properties

  • Knurled thumb nuts are used to secure fasteners in place.
  • They have a textured surface that provides grip for easy installation and removal.
  • Knurled thumb nuts are available in various materials, including brass, stainless steel, and plastic.
  • They are available in various sizes to fit different applications.
  • Knurled thumb nuts are typically easy to install and remove by hand without needing tools.

Advantages of Knurled Thumb Nuts

The primary advantage of knurled thumb nuts is their ease of use – the grooved design allows you to quickly tighten or loosen them by hand without using any tools. This makes them ideal for applications where quick access is important, but space is limited (such as inside an electronic device). In addition, their coarse threading and grooved design offer more gripping power than conventional nuts and bolts, which means they can also be used when extra holding power is needed.

Knurled Thumb Nuts Dimensions

Knurled Thumb Nuts Dimensions

Technical Data & Available Sizes
Thread Diameter (d1) d2 (mm) d3 (mm) h (mm) k (mm)
M3 12 6 3 2.5
M4 16 8 4 3.5
M5 20 10 5 4
M6 24 12 6 5
M8 30 16 8 6
M10 36 20 10 8
M12 40 22 12 10


All in all, knurled thumb nuts can be an invaluable tool if you need an easy way to secure parts together without using tools or taking up too much space. They offer more gripping power than conventional bolts and can be used for various purposes, including furniture assembly and electrical installation. With their unique design and versatility, knurled thumb nuts will surely become one of your favourite fasteners!

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