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What is Lock Rite Washers? Properties, Uses and Applications

Lock Rite Washers

If you are searching for a reliable way to secure bolts and nuts, lock rite washers may be what you are looking for. Lockrite washers are mechanical locking devices that secure bolts in demanding conditions like vibration and shock. This article will explore the properties, uses and applications of lock rite washers.

What is Lock Rite Washers?

Lock Rite Washers is an innovative product that revolutionizes the locking and sealing door frames and other structures. These washers feature a special profile with built-in anti-rotation technology to ensure secure installation in any environment. The washer’s built-in EPDM seal provides superior water resistance, while its specially designed head allows for easy installation using standard Phillips screws. With their durability, reliability, and affordability, Lock Rite Washers are perfect for any project requiring a secure fitment.

Lock Rite Washers Properties:

Lock rite washers’ unique design helps secure bolts and nuts from shaking loose due to vibration, shock, and other mechanical stresses. They are composed of two distinct parts: the serrated washer and the locking element made from spring steel. The serrated washer provides a secure grip on the bolt for the locking element, preventing it from rotating or loosening while in use.

Lock Rite Washers Uses:

The main use of lock rite washers is to secure bolts and nuts that hold important machinery or structures together. They are commonly used in manufacturing and construction to prevent machinery failure and structural damage. Lock rite washers can also be used in automotive applications to stop bolts from loosening while driving on rough terrain.

Lock Rite Washers Applications:

Lockrite washers are used in various industries, including rail production, water infrastructure, mining, and oil-gas machinery. In the rail production industry, they are used to fasten fish plates that secure rails together. In water infrastructure, they are used to secure bolts that hold covers onto sewage treatment tanks. In mining, they secure bolts that keep conveyor belts and other machinery in place. Lastly, they are used in oil gas machinery to keep bolts tightened in high-pressure environments.

How to Use Lock Rite Washers

Using lock rite washers is straightforward. Assembly starts by tightening the bolt or nut until there is no movement. Once the bolt is firmly in place, the lock rite washer is positioned over the bolt with the teeth or serrations facing towards the head of the bolt. Finally, the nut or bolt is re-tightened, compressing the serrations against the bolt’s threads. This locks the bolt or nut securely in place.


In conclusion, lock rite washers are an effective and reliable way to secure bolts and nuts in various mechanical applications. Their unique design that can withstand tough conditions like vibration and shock makes them the go-to locking mechanism for engineering precision. Their diverse use in mining, rail production, construction, and oil and gas industries shows they are applicable in numerous situations. So, whether you are an engineer, builder or mechanic, lock rite washers are a great addition to your tool kit.

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