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What is Shoulder Bolts? Properties, Dimensions and Uses

What are Shoulder Bolts?

Shoulder bolts, also known as shoulder screws or stripper bolts, are fasteners with a cylindrical shaft and a smooth shoulder that allows parts to rotate around or slide along its length. They’re commonly used in mechanical design applications where the pieces need to move relative to each other, such as in robotics, automotive and aerospace engineering. In this article, we’ll discuss what shoulder bolts are, how they’re used, and their advantages over other types of fasteners.

Types of Shoulder Bolts

Shoulder bolts come in two main varieties: slotted and hexagon heads. Slotted shoulder bolts feature a slot at the end of the shank so that it can be adjusted with a screwdriver or wrench. Hexagon head shoulder bolts have six sides and can be adjusted using a wrench or an Allen key. Both types are available in metric and imperial sizes and are made from high-quality steel for durability.

Uses of Shoulder Bolts

Shoulder bolts are widely used across many industries due to their versatility and ease of installation. They can be used to secure components onto rods, adjust linkages between parts, or join two items together while allowing them to move relative to each other. Their broad range of uses makes them ideal for machinery construction, automotive engineering, robotics applications, medical equipment manufacturing and aerospace projects.

Advantages of Shoulder Bolts

The primary advantage of shoulder bolts is that they provide good stability while still allowing for some movement between parts due to their smooth shoulders. They’re also easy to install because they don’t require any additional tools – just tighten the bolt with a wrench or Allen key, depending on the type you’re using. Additionally, because they’re made from high-quality steel, they won’t corrode easily and will last for many years without needing replacement.

Shoulder Bolts Properties

  • Shoulder bolts, also known as stripper bolts, are used to create a pivot point.
  • The shoulder of the bolt extends beyond the threads.
  • The unthreaded portion of the bolt is known as the shank.
  • Shoulder bolts are available in a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel, and brass.
  • Shoulder bolts are typically used in applications where high loads are expected, such as in machinery and automotive applications.

Shoulder Bolts Dimension

Shoulder Diameter
Thread Length
Head Diameter
Head Height
Allen Wrench Size
6mm 5mm x 0.8 9.75mm 10mm 4.5mm 3mm
8mm 6mm x 1.0 11.25mm 13mm 5.5mm 4mm
10mm 8mm x 1.25 13.25mm 16mm 7mm 5mm
12mm 10mm x 1.5 16.4mm 18mm 9mm 6mm
16mm 12mm x 1.75 18.4mm 24mm 11mm 8mm
20mm 16mm x 2.0 22.4mm 30mm 14mm 10mm


In summary, shoulder bolts are versatile fasteners that allow two items to move relative to each other while providing good stability. They come in both slotted and hexagon head varieties for use with different tools and have numerous applications across multiple industries due to their durability and ease of installation. If you ever find yourself needing a fastener that allows for some movement between parts but still provides good stability, then considers using a shoulder bolt!

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