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What is Spring Lock Washer? Dimensions, Properties and Uses

Spring Lock Washer

Spring lock washers are essential components in fastening systems. They can help secure screws and bolts, prevent damage, and withstand vibrations and other external forces. However, choosing the right spring lock washer can be confusing due to the various dimensions, properties, and uses available. In this blog post, we will provide all the information you need about spring lock washers.

What is Spring lock Washer?

A Spring Lock Washer is a fastener that secures two components together and provides tension while holding the components in place. The washer has an inner metal ‘ring’ with a metal spring wire coiled around it. As the spring compresses or stretches slightly, it generates friction that locks the washer in place. This helps prevent loosening due to vibration or knocks, making them ideal for securing nuts and bolts on engines and machines.

Spring Lock Washer Dimensions:

Spring Lock Washers Properties:

Spring lock washers have several unique properties that make them effective in fastening systems. They are made of hardened steel, which allows them to withstand high tension loads. Moreover, spring lock washers have a unique shape that allows them to compress under pressure and create a locking force. This minimizes the possibility of loosening or slipping fasteners in high vibration applications.

Spring Lock Washers Uses:

Spring lock washers have different uses, depending on the requirements of the fastener system. For example, they are ideal for bolted connections where vibration, shock, or thermal expansion is expected. They can also be used for applications where torque loss or self-loosening is a significant concern. Additionally, spring lock washers are useful in applications where the fasteners may be subjected to dynamic forces, such as in the automotive, aviation and marine industries.

Advantages of Using Spring Lock Washers:

Using spring lock washers in fastening systems has several benefits. Firstly, they help to maintain joint integrity by ensuring that the fasteners remain in their intended positions. Secondly, they can be used to compensate for any imperfections that may exist in the joining components. Thirdly, they can reduce the risk of galling or seizing the fasteners during installation or removal. This saves time and reduces maintenance costs.

Precautions When Using Spring Lock Washers:

While spring lock washers have numerous benefits, it is essential to understand that they have limitations, too. Overusing or misusing them can lead to adverse effects, such as joint failure and fracture of bolts. Therefore, it is crucial to use spring lock washers only when necessary and to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on torque values and tightening procedures.


In conclusion, spring lock washers are essential in maintaining joint integrity and preventing loosening or slipping fasteners. To ensure that they are effective, it is crucial to understand their dimensions, properties and uses. Additionally, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on properly using spring lock washers, ensuring maximum benefits in your fastening system. With this information, you can confidently choose and use spring lock washers in your fastening applications.

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