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What is Toothed Lock Washer? Properties, Uses and Application

Toothed Lock Washer

Toothed lock washers are simple yet effective mechanical devices that prevent loosening and tightening nuts, bolts and other fasteners. They are known for their ability to provide superior performance compared to their counterparts because of their unique design. This article will delve into the properties, uses and applications of toothed lock washers.

What is Toothed Lock Washer?

A toothed lock washer is a mechanical device that fastens and locks two separate components together. This type of washer has small teeth or lugs along its circumference that grip the bearing surface from which the force is applied. The locking action created by these teeth helps keep bolted joints in place, ensuring a secure connection between components.

Properties of Toothed Lock Washers

Toothed lock washers are made from various materials such as steel, brass, and stainless steel and are designed to provide strong and durable performance. They feature a serrated edge, which creates a grip that helps to minimize the risk of loosening and sliding. The washer has a flat base with tooth-like projections on one or both sides, creating significant friction.

Uses of Toothed Lock Washers

Toothed lock washers are commonly used in industrial and mechanical applications where vibration and shock are prevalent. They provide a lockup effect and can be used as additional support to the fastening system. Further, these washers are used in automotive equipment and electronic devices, requiring a secure fastening.

Applications of Toothed Lock Washers

Toothed lock washers are used in numerous devices and systems to ensure the safety and security of the creations. The most common applications include the aerospace, automobile, manufacturing, and construction industries. They are applied in engines, machinery, and structures that require stable and tight fastening.

How to Use a Toothed Lock Washer

When using a toothed lock washer, inspect that the washers have a good grip on the fastener. The serrated side of the washer should lock into the corresponding serrations on the fastener and provide resistance to prevent it from loosening. Place the washer with the serrated side of the washer facing the mating part.

Advantages of Toothed Lock Washer

Thanks to their many benefits, toothed lock washers are a popular choice for industrial and mechanical use. Firstly, they provide excellent vibration resistance and can handle high torque levels. They are also durable and can withstand large temperature fluctuations, perfect for heavy-duty and harsh environments. Secondly, these washers are cost-effective and can be used where a secure fastening is required.


In conclusion, toothed lock washers are a vital component used in mechanical and industrial applications to ensure the stability and security of the fastening systems. They provide excellent performance and are easy to install and use. Before use, research and choose the best type and size of washer needed for the application. Visit any of our online stores to purchase different types of toothed lock washers and other mechanical products at affordable prices.

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