ThePipingMart Blog Grades AMS 5552 Incoloy Alloy – Composition, Properties and Uses

AMS 5552 Incoloy Alloy – Composition, Properties and Uses

AMS 5552

If you’re in the aerospace, defence, or even medical industries, you may have heard of AMS5552. But what exactly is this material, and why is it important? This blog post will delve into the composition, physical and mechanical properties, uses hardness, and heat treatment of AMS 5552.

What is AMS 5552?

AMS5552 (also known as Incoloy 801 Alloy) is an austenitic stainless steel alloy with exceptional strength and corrosion resistance. It possesses higher tensile strength than similar alloys, making it preferable for use in various automotive, chemical processing, and oil & gas industries. Its formability allows it to be easily machined into complex parts for additional customization for specific projects.

AMS 5552 Composition

AMS5552 is a type of stainless steel with a high nickel content, making it highly corrosion-resistant. It also contains molybdenum and titanium, which enhance its strength and durability. Additionally, it has a low carbon content, making it ideal for high-temperature environments.

The Chemical Composition Incoloy 801, % Incoloy 802, %
Nickel ≥32 ≥32
Chromium ≥20.5 ≥21
Iron Balance Balance
Carbon ≤0.05 ≤0.35
Aluminum ≥0.60
Titanium ≥1.10 ≥0.70
Copper ≥0.15

AMS 5552 Physical Properties

AMS 5552 has a density of 0.290 lb/in³ and a melting point of 2500-2590°F. It has a high thermal conductivity of 9.4 Btu-in/hr-ft²-°F, making it a good choice for heat exchangers. Its coefficient of thermal expansion is 9.2×10⁶ in/in-°F, which means it can withstand temperature changes without warping or cracking.

Density Melting Range Specific Heat Elastic Modulus
g/cm3 °C J/kg. k Gpa
8.0 1372-1400 485 200

AMS 5552 Mechanical Properties

AMS 5552 has excellent strength and toughness at room and high temperatures. Its ultimate tensile strength is 150 ksi, and its yield strength is 110 ksi. It has a high fatigue strength, making it ideal for applications that require frequent load cycling. It also has good ductility and machinability.

Tensile Strength, min. Yield Strength, min. Elongation, min. Reduction in Area, min.
Mpa Mpa % %
1160 1035 15 53

AMS 5552 Uses

AMS 5552 is commonly used in the aerospace and defence industries for engine components, such as turbine discs and compressor blades. Thanks to its excellent corrosion resistance, it is also used in the medical industry for surgical instruments, implants, and medical devices. Other applications include chemical processing, heat exchangers, and power generation.

AMS 5552 Hardness

AMS 5552 has a Rockwell hardness of B90, making it a fairly hard material. This contributes to its durability and strength, making it an ideal choice for high-stress applications.

AMS 5552 Heat Treatment

AMS 5552 can be heat treated to enhance its mechanical properties. It can be annealed at 1900-2050°F for one hour and then air-cooled. This process increases its ductility and toughness. It can also be treated at 2150-2250°F for one hour and then rapidly cooled to enhance strength.


AMS 5552 material is a highly versatile material ideal for various applications requiring strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. Its composition, physical and mechanical properties, uses, hardness, and heat treatment make it a popular choice in the aerospace, defence, medical, chemical processing, and power generation industries. Understanding the properties of AMS 5552 can help you determine whether it’s the right material for your specific application.


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