ThePipingMart Blog Grades Armox 500T – Composition, Properties and Uses

Armox 500T – Composition, Properties and Uses

Armox 500T

If you want to learn more about Armox 500T and its properties, this expert guide is for you. This blog post will discuss the composition, mechanical and physical properties, corrosion resistance, heat treatment, machining, and welding of Armox 500T.

What is Armox 500T?

Armox 500T is a high-strength and ballistic-term steel designed to provide the ultimate protection against various threats. This advanced Steel is widely used to manufacture armored vehicles, military tanks, mine clearance systems, and other high-risk applications.

What Form Is Armox 500T Available at Piping Mart?

  • Sheets
  • Plates

Armox 500T Composition

Armox 500T steel is a quenched and tempered steel made of high-quality carbon, manganese, silicon, nickel, and chromium. This unique composition ensures that the Steel has excellent strength, toughness, and hardness, making it ideal for high-stress applications. Also, the presence of nickel and chromium provides superior corrosion resistance to the Steel.

C *)
(MAX %)
SI *)
(MAX %)
(MAX %)
(MAX %)
(MAX %)
(MAX %)
(MAX %)
(MAX %)
(MAX %)
0.32 0.40 1.20 0.010 0.003 1.0 1) 1.80 1) 0.70 0.005

Armox 500T Mechanical Properties

Armox 500T sheets has impressive mechanical properties that make it capable of withstanding various threats. The Steel has a minimum yield strength of 1300 MPa and a minimum ultimate tensile strength of 1600 MPa. This means that the Steel can deform without fracturing and withstand high-pressure loads. Armox 500T also has excellent elongation and impact strength, increasing its toughness.

(MIN %)
(MIN %)
3.0 – 80.0 480 – 540 1250 1450 – 1750 8 10

Armox 500T Physical Properties

Armox 500T has a density of 7.85 g/cm³, slightly higher than mild Steel. The Steel has a melting point of approximately 1450°C, which is relatively high compared to other metals. Armox 500T also has excellent thermal conductivity, allowing it to dissipate heat quickly, making it suitable for high-temperature applications.

Armox 500T Equivalents

Armox 550T Armored T: 3 – 15 mm EN 10029 EN 10051

Armox 500T Thickness

3.0 – 12.9 – 0.0 / + 0.6
13.0 – 20.0 – 0.0 / + 0.8
20.1 – 39.9 – 0.0 / + 1.0
40.0 – 59.9 – 0.0 / + 1.4
60.0 – 80.0 – 0.0 / + 1.6

Armox 500T Uses

Armox 500T sheet plates is widely used to manufacture high-risk applications, including armored vehicles, military tanks, and mine clearance systems. Steel also produces blast and ballistic protection systems, bridges, and other load-bearing structures. Steel is a reliable and durable material that protects against various threats while maintaining strength and toughness.

Armox 500T Corrosion Resistance

Armox 500T plates has exceptional corrosion resistance, thanks to the presence of chromium and nickel in its composition. The high levels of chromium and nickel create a passive oxide layer that protects the Steel from rust and other forms of corrosion. This makes Armox 500T ideal for harsh environments, such as marine and industrial applications, where the Steel is exposed to moisture, salts, and other corrosive substances.

Armox 500T Heat Treatment

Armox 500T undergoes a quenching and tempering process during manufacture, improving its hardness and toughness. The Steel is first heated to a high temperature and then quenched in water to rapidly cool it down. This process creates a complex and brittle material that needs to undergo tempering to give it its desired mechanical properties. The tempering process involves reheating the Steel to a lower temperature, which increases its toughness and ductility.

Armox 500T Machining

Armox 500T is a complex and tough material that can be challenging to machine without the right tools and techniques. The Steel requires high cutting speeds and feeds to prevent work hardening, and carbide-cutting tools are recommended. Additionally, high-pressure coolant is recommended to prevent heat buildup, which can damage the cutting tool and the workpiece.

Armox 500T Welding

Armox 500T can be welded using various methods, including arc welding, MIG/MAG welding, and TIG welding. However, special precautions must be taken to prevent cracking and distortion, and unsuitable welding techniques can compromise the Steel’s ballistic performance. It is essential to use appropriate filler materials and welding techniques to ensure that the Steel retains its strength and toughness after welding.


In conclusion, Armox 500T is a high-strength and ballistic-term steel ideal for high-risk applications. The Steel’s unique composition ensures that it has excellent strength, toughness, and hardness, while its exceptional corrosion resistance makes it ideal for use in harsh environments. Armox 500T also undergoes a quenching and tempering process, which improves its mechanical properties and can be welded using various methods. As such, Armox 500T is a reliable and durable material that provides the ultimate protection against multiple threats.

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