ThePipingMart Blog Grades Strenx 900 MC- Composition, Properties and Uses

Strenx 900 MC- Composition, Properties and Uses

Strenx 900 MC

In today’s fast-paced world, it is essential to have high-quality construction materials that can withstand heavy weights and extreme weather conditions. This is where Strenx 900 MC comes in – an excellent material that engineers and construction experts rely on for their projects. But what exactly is Strenx 900 MC? This blog post will explore its composition, mechanical and physical properties, uses, corrosion resistance, heat treatment, and welding capabilities.

What is Strenx 900 MC?

Strenx 900 MC is a high-strength steel with exceptional performance in demanding applications. It has a minimum yield strength of 900 MPa and excellent cold-forming capabilities. It also offers excellent weldability, toughness and formability, making it ideal for structural components that require increased load-bearing capacity.

Strenx 900 MC Composition

Strenx 900 MC is a high-strength structural steel that belongs to the Strenx family of steels. It comprises iron, carbon, manganese, phosphorous, sulfur, silicon, chromium, nickel, and boron. Strenx 900 MC has a microstructure composed of ferrite and pearlite, which contribute to its high strength and toughness.

(MAX %)
(MAX %)
(MAX %)
(MAX %)
(MAX %)
(MIN %)
(MAX %)
(MAX %)
(MAX %)
0.10 0.25 1.30 0.020 0.010 0.015 0.05 1) 0.05 1) 0.07 1)

Strenx 900 MC Mechanical Properties

Strenx 900 MC has impressive mechanical properties such as tensile strength of 900-1100 MPa, yield strength of 960-1100 MPa, and an elongation at break of around 14%. It also has a V-notch impact strength of 40 Joules at -20°C, making it ideal for structural applications that require high strength and durability.

(MIN %)
3.00 – 8.00 900 930 – 1200 8 3.0 x t
8.01 – 10.00 900 930 – 1200 8 3.5 x t

Strenx 900 MC Physical Properties

Strenx 900 MC has a density of 7.9 g/cm3, a specific heat capacity of 460 J/(kg), and a thermal conductivity of 46 W/(mk). These physical properties make Strenx 900 MC a perfect fit for applications that require high strength, durability, and resistance to high temperatures.

Strenx 900 MC Carbon Equivalent CET(CEV)

THICKNESS (mm) 3.00 – 7.99 8.00 – 10.00
Typ CET(CEV) 0.25 (0.50) 0.27 (0.53)

Strenx 900 MC Thickness

Strenx 900 MC is a cold-formed, high strength steel with excellent weldability and bending performance. It offers up to 900 MPa of yield strength in its widest thickness range from 0.7 – 20 mm. This steel is perfect for structural components that need maximum strength and durability.

Strenx 900 MC Uses

Strenx 900 MC is commonly used in heavy construction equipment, transportation, offshore drilling, and mining applications. Its high strength and durability make it suitable for crane booms, earth-moving equipment, excavator buckets, and mining truck frames. Its properties also make it an excellent choice for structural elements in bridges, stadiums, and other large-scale infrastructures.

Strenx 900 MC Corrosion Resistance

Strenx 900 MC also has excellent corrosion resistance properties, making it ideal for harsh environments. Its composition includes chromium, which protects the steel from rusting and corroding, making it a reliable material in marine environments.

Strenx 900 MC Heat Treatment

Strenx 900 MC can be heat-treated to achieve the desired properties. Heat treatment involves tempering and quenching the steel to increase its strength, toughness, and overall mechanical properties. The heat treatment process also minimizes the steel’s residual stresses, resulting in a more reliable and robust material.

Strenx 900 MC Machining

Strenx 900 MC is not easy to machine due to its high strength and hardness, but the machining process can be successfully done with the right equipment and expertise. Experts recommend using high-speed steel or carbide tools and maintaining a consistent cooling system to avoid overheating.

Strenx 900 MC Welding

Strenx 900 MC has excellent welding capabilities, making it perfect for applications that require welding. Its composition includes boron, which enables a more stable welding process, and it also has low carbon content, which minimizes the risk of hydrogen-induced cracking.


In conclusion, Strenx 900 MC is a high-strength structural steel with a range of mechanical, physical, and corrosion resistance properties, making it an ideal material for heavy machinery, transportation, offshore drilling, and mining applications. Its composition, heat treatment, and welding capabilities provide construction experts and engineers with an excellent material that can withstand harsh environments and extreme weather conditions. Whether building a bridge or a mining truck frame, Strenx 900 MC is the reliable material you need to achieve your project’s goals.

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