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How to Antique Polished Nickel 

Antique Polished Nickel 

If you are looking for an easy way to give your home décor a vintage look, antiquing polished nickel is a great DIY project. Antiquing polished nickel can make any item look aged and timeless. It’s also fairly simple to do, and the supplies needed are affordable. Here are some tips on how to antique polished nickel so that you can have the perfect vintage look in your home.

Prep Your Nickel

Start by prepping the nickel that you want to antique. You should make sure it is wiped down with a damp cloth and then dried thoroughly with a microfiber cloth. This will help to remove any dust or debris from the surface of the nickel so that it is ready for antiquing.

Apply Primer

Next, apply primer over the entire surface of the nickel piece you want to antique. This will ensure that the antiquing paint adheres properly and does not chip off easily. Allow the primer to dry completely before moving on to step three.

Paint with Antiquing Paint

Now it’s time to start applying the antiquing paint! Use a brush or sponge and dab on small amounts of paint onto the surfaces of your object until it’s fully covered but not too thickly painted. Be sure not to use too much paint as this will prevent proper drying and can cause streaks in the finish when finished. Allow this layer of paint to dry completely before continuing on to step four.

Create an Aged Look

After allowing your first layer of paint to dry, take some steel wool or fine-grain sandpaper and gently rub down certain areas where you would like your antique look accentuated more than others (corners, edges, raised features). This will create an aged look in these areas that contrasts nicely with the rest of your object, which still has its original shine intact in other areas. Once finished with this step, allow all layers of paint/primer/etc. to dry completely before using or displaying your newly-updated object!


The process of antiquing polished nickel is relatively straightforward—all it takes is some prep work, primer application, painting with antiquing paint, and creating an aged look with fine-grain sandpaper or steel wool! With just a few steps, you can give any object a vintage feel in no time! Whether you’re giving new life to existing pieces or simply adding character into décor items found at thrift stores, antiquing polished nickel is an easy way for website owners and SEO newbies alike to bring timeless charm into their homes without breaking their budgets!

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