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How to Solder Zinc Sheet Metal?

How to Solder Zinc Sheet Metal?

Soldering zinc sheet metal is a great way to get the job done for those tackling a DIY project or creating custom jewelry. But if you’re new to the process, it can be a little intimidating. We created this beginner’s guide for soldering zinc sheet metal! Read on for everything you need to know about getting started with this versatile material.

Tools and Materials Needed

Before you get started, there are a few tools and materials that should be within easy reach. These include a soldering iron, safety glasses, flux paste, solder wire, and the zinc sheet metal itself. Also, it’s helpful to have tweezers, pliers, and a steel wool scrub pad. When choosing your soldering iron, make sure to select one with an adjustable temperature setting that works well with the type of zinc you plan on using – usually, low-temperature solder is recommended for zinc sheet metal.

Preparing Your Workpiece

The next step is preparing your workpiece for soldering. This includes cleaning off any dirt or debris from your piece’s surface and filing down the edges so they fit neatly together when you join them together later on. Once everything looks clean and tidy, apply flux paste (or acid flux) to both sides of each joint, where two pieces will meet up. Then, use tweezers or pliers to hold one side in place while you accurately position the other side onto it.

Soldering Zinc Sheet Metal

When all the pieces are in place and ready to go, it’s time to start soldering! Make sure that your safety glasses are firmly in place before turning on your soldering iron and adjusting its temperature accordingly (this will depend on which type of solder wire you have, but generally speaking, low-temperature solder tends to work best for zinc). Now use tweezers or pliers to hold one side steady while slowly running the tip of your hot soldering iron along each joint until all pieces are securely joined together by melted solder wire. Finally, once everything has cooled down completely, use a steel wool scrub pad over each joint until everything looks neat and smooth – then voila! You can proudly display your newly crafted workpiece!


Soldering zinc sheet metal may seem like an overwhelming task at first, but luckily there are plenty of resources available online that can help walk through each step of the process with ease. We hope our beginner’s guide helped get you started with this exciting DIY activity – happy crafting!

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