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How to Stick Weld Cast Iron – An Overview

How to Stick Weld Cast Iron

Stick welding is a popular form of welding that is often used for larger projects. It’s important to know how to stick weld cast iron correctly, as it can be a tricky process. Here, we will provide an overview of the steps required to successfully stick weld cast iron.

The Equipment You Need

Before you begin your project, you should make sure you have all the necessary safety equipment and the right tools for the job. Safety gear includes protective clothing such as a welding helmet, gloves, and an apron. Additionally, you need welding rods that are specifically designed for cast iron and a stick welder with a current between 70-90 amps.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Once you’re prepared with all the right equipment, follow these steps to get started on your project:

  • Clean the surface of the cast iron before you start welding by grinding or brushing it off with a wire brush or grinder wheel. Make sure there is no grease or dirt on the surface so that your weld has optimal penetration and strength.
  • Set up your stick welder and select the correct polarity for your electrode type (usually DC+). Use long arcs at low amperage when starting out and increase as needed during the process.
  • Maintain consistent pressure on the electrode at all times; this helps create strong penetration into the metal without creating too much heat buildup in one spot that could damage surrounding areas of metal or cause warping.
  • Move quickly but steadily down each joint in order to ensure good coverage and weld quality; if possible, move in multiple passes over each joint when necessary until you’ve achieved good penetration into both edges of the material being joined together.
  • Once finished, use a wire brush or grinder wheel to clean off any slag from your work area and inspect your welds for any signs of weakness or cracking before proceeding further with your project! Make sure they are completely cooled before moving on as well – this can take anywhere from 30 minutes up to several hours, depending on the size/thickness of the material being welded together!


With patience and practice, anyone can learn how to stick-weld cast iron correctly and safely! Remember to always wear protective gear when welding and keep an eye out for any potential hazards, such as sparks flying away from the work area – these can be dangerous if not taken seriously! With proper technique in place, anyone can become an expert at stick welding cast iron in no time!

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