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Taking Zinc With Copper

The Benefits of Taking Zinc With Copper

While zinc and copper are both essential minerals for good health, they can be hard to come by in some diets. To optimize the benefits of consuming these essential minerals, it is important to understand why you should take zinc with copper — and when.

Why Take Zinc With Copper?

The main reason to take zinc with copper is that they work together to maintain optimal levels of each mineral in your body. Zinc and copper play important roles in various bodily functions, from wound healing and immune system function to healthy skin and hair. When taken together, these two minerals help ensure that your body has the necessary amounts of each for proper functioning.

Should I take zinc with copper?

It is not recommended that you take zinc supplements and copper together as they can compete for absorption in the body. It is well known that excess consumption of zinc can lead to deficiencies of iron and phosphorus, so it is wise to be aware of this before considering taking zinc with copper supplements. Iron and phosphorus are both essential elements needed by the body for various metabolic functions, so it is important that the right balance of nutrients is maintained. Taking a multivitamin or other supplement including zinc, copper, iron, and phosphorus together may help ensure that you are getting all the necessary nutrients your body needs.

When Should You Take Zinc With Copper?

It’s best to take zinc with copper if you’re deficient in either or both minerals. If you have low levels of either mineral, taking them together can help replenish your body’s supply more efficiently than if you were only supplementing one mineral at a time. Additionally, it’s important to note that most supplements contain more zinc than copper, so taking them together helps ensure that you get the right balance between the two.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Zinc With Copper?

The primary benefit of taking zinc with copper is that it helps ensure that your body has adequate levels of both minerals for optimum health and functioning. A balanced intake of both minerals is also linked to improved immune system function and better wound-healing capabilities. In addition, taking zinc with copper may reduce inflammation throughout your body and help prevent certain forms of cancer. Finally, consuming equal amounts of both minerals may help improve brain function and boost cognitive performance.


In conclusion, it’s important to understand why you should take zinc with copper and when in order to reap the maximum benefits from these essential minerals. By supplementing an equal ratio between the two, you can help ensure that your body has adequate levels for improved immune system function as well as better wound healing capabilities and cognitive performance. Ultimately, taking zinc with copper can provide numerous health benefits while helping keep your body at peak performance!

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