ThePipingMart Blog Metals What Color Tungsten for Aluminum – A Complete Guide

What Color Tungsten for Aluminum – A Complete Guide

What Color Tungsten for Aluminum

If you’re starting a welding project involving aluminium, you’ll need to choose the right tungsten colour and grade to ensure a successful weld. The type of tungsten you use is critical because it affects the arc performance, current balance, and contamination in your weld. So, what colour tungsten should you use for aluminum welding?


Tungsten Colors for Aluminum Welding

The most common tungsten colour for aluminum welding is green. A green-tipped tungsten has an added thorium content which helps create a more stable arc and better balance in AC welding. Because of this, many welders prefer using green-tipped tungsten when working with aluminium. It’s also important to note that green-tipped tungstens are not suitable for DC welding due to the thorium content. For DC welding on aluminum, try white or grey-tipped tungsten instead.

Grades of Tungsten

In addition to choosing the right colour of tungsten, you’ll also need to select a grade based on how much current you’re using in your welds. Typically speaking, larger diameters require higher amperages, so they’ll need higher grades of tungsten as well. For example, 2% thoriated tungstens are typically used for currents up to 200 amps, while 2% lanthanide or created are good up to 250 amps, and pure tungstens can be used up to 300 amps or more. Make sure to check your equipment manual or speak with your supplier if you’re unsure which grade is best suited for your application.




Choosing the correct colour and grade of tungsten is an essential part of any welding project—especially if it involves aluminum. To get the cleanest weld possible with minimal contamination and ideal arc performance, make sure you choose a green-tipped (for AC) or white/grey-tipped (for DC) 2% thoriated (or higher) grade tungsten. With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready to start tackling those aluminum projects like a pro!

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