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5 Industries That Use Wire Mesh Discs

In a number of different industries, industrial wire mesh is often used. Metal wire is braided or sintered to create wire mesh discs, also known as pack screens or filter discs. In various mesh industries, wire mesh discs are particularly adaptable since they are available in a number of specifications, different alloys, and a wide range of sizes. Metal alloys used to make wire mesh discs include galvanized steel mesh, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, and more.

Inline filters, inside pipes, tubes, ducts, and a variety of other filtration applications are all possible uses for wire mesh discs. It is made of sintered metal sheet or stainless steel woven wire mesh fabric. Spot welding bonds together forms with a round frame or specific shapes. Edges and frames may be included or excluded from the supply. The pharmaceutical, mining, water treatment, food and beverage, and gas and oil industries are five sectors that frequently use wire mesh discs.

Five industries which make use of Wire Mesh are as follows :-

  • The mining industry

Many different industries depend on the mining business. The mining sector is eventually required to finish processes in each, from aerospace to jewelry manufacturing. In mining, wire mesh filter discs, which are primarily used for filtering, are extremely important. They are used in both the extraction and processing of materials from the earth.

During the manufacturing process, industrial wire mesh discs make sure that a mineral has the least amount of extraneous materials conceivable. The mineral’s lifespan is increased overall because this filtration reduces the loss of priceless resources. It is common practice to use wire mesh screen discs to prevent contamination. These screens are made to filter out unwanted minerals as well as twigs, grass, boulders, and metal slag.

  • Food and beverage industry

Wire mesh discs are a frequent remedy for various problems in the food and beverage business, from splatter screens to beverage filtration. Due to its resistance to corrosion and ease of cleaning, wire mesh discs for these applications are frequently constructed of food grade stainless steel.

In the extraction and separation stages of food processing, wire mesh discs are a valuable material. For instance, in a filter press, cocoa mass and cocoa butter are separated using woven mesh discs. Using wire mesh discs, it is possible to dehydrate food.

  • The pharmaceutical industry

Separating desired components from undesirable materials on a very small scale is a significant part of the pharmaceutical production process. By using a sieve made of wire mesh discs, large pollution is removed and the quality of the ingredients and the finished product is ensured. Wire mesh discs constructed of stainless steel 316L are frequently used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. A low-carbon variant of 316 stainless steel, known as 316L stainless steel, offers the highest level of corrosion resistance. The hygienic state of the finished product can also be protected by wire mesh discs.

  • The gas and oil industry

Wire mesh discs are also used in oil and gas refineries to carry out filtration procedures. For example, regulated monolithic woven wire mesh discs are created for the best mechanical qualities, accurate particle control, and optimal filtration. Due to its strong antacid and anti-corrosion properties, 316L grade stainless steel is a popular metal for metal mesh discs in this business. Wire mesh discs can be utilized as an oil pick-up and strainer in the automotive industry, which is on the other end of the oil industry.

  • The water treatment industry

The clean water coming out of your home’s faucets may be because of wire mesh discs. By removing pollutants and undesirable items, metal mesh wire disc filters are a beneficial and sustainable technique to produce clean water. To filter out impurities as fine as one micron, sintered wire mesh, a very dependable filtering material, uses many layers of woven wire cloth. Due to its durability, strength, corrosion resistance, cleaning ease, and long lifespan, sintered wire cloth is perfect for water filtration.

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