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What is a ferrule fitting?

A pipe ferrule is one of the types of pipe fitting which are manufactured by using various materials. These ferrules are widely used essentially for joining or binding different pipe sections. A pipe ferrule includes a circular clamp to connect together and join wires, fibers, or posts. It is a type of ring or cap that is connected to an object to protect it from splitting, damage, or wear. Ferrules fittings are widely available in different sizes. Ferrules fittings of bigger sizes are created in such a way that they have unique hardening manners that can provide better resistance against leaks and tubes operating at elevated pressures.

Ferrule Fittings are available in many materials that are suitable to make them perfect for industrial applications. Various materials are appropriate to make these ferrule fittings, such as copper, Aluminum alloy, Cast steel, Stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, and glass.

Types of pipe ferrule:

Ferrule Fittings have two parts, Body and Nuts, which are connected together to make a perfect joint. These fittings have two types, such as single ferrule and double ferrule.

  • Single ferrule:

In the single ferrule fittings, the nose of the ferrule is utilized to fulfil two purposes. One is to bite into the tube to hold it, and the second is to provide a sealing part for the coupling body. Single ferrule fittings have a relatively less pressure rating as compared to their twin-ferruled equivalent. These ferrule fittings are manufactured by considering the operators’ demands and ease of use. It has one less part than double ferrule fittings, and also, it is usually hard to be installed inaccurately. Despite its advantages, double ferrule fittings are generally the preferred option over single ferrule fittings.

  • Double ferrule:

The twin or double ferrule fittings has front ferrule and back ferrules. These ferrule fittings make a grip by the back ferrule and create a seal by the front ferrule. The double ferrule is also known as two-ferrule, which is available in different materials. The size of this type of ferrule fitting is the same as single ferrule fittings. Double ferrule fittings offer a perfect connection due to their sturdy mechanical grip design. This double ferrule fittings can be utilized for tubing purposes with different widths and varying hardness levels.

Benefits of ferrule fittings:

Ferrule Fittings have many fundamental advantages, such as these fittings being widely used for attaching piping. Both types of fittings are mainly used with the connector to join the fiber cable to another cable or a transmitter as well as the receiver. Ferrule Fittings keep the fibres perfectly aligned in the connector, which makes the connection precise. These fittings are also suitable to join and protect the stripped end of a fiber.


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