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What is Double Check Valve? Properties, Uses and Application

Double Check Valve

Double Check Valve is a mechanical device that regulates the flow of water, gas or other substances. It is a type of backflow prevention device that is commonly used in various industries. Double check valves are designed to prevent backflow or the reversal of the flow of fluids in a piping system. This blog will discuss the properties, uses and applications of double check valves.

What is Double Check Valve?

Double Check Valve is a type of backflow prevention device that consists of two independently-operating check valves connected in series. It prevents contaminated water from entering a potable (drinking) water system by maintaining directed flow and preventing cross-contamination. This valve must be inspected and tested annually to ensure its proper functioning.

Double Check Valve Properties:

Double check valves come in different shapes and sizes but have some common properties. They are usually made of bronze, iron or stainless steel and have two check valves separated by an air gap. The air gap is essential in maintaining a barrier between the contaminated and potable water. The valves are also equipped with test cocks that allow you to test the system for leaks. Double Check Valves are lightweight, low maintenance and compatible with various materials.

Double Check Valve Uses:

Double Check Valves are commonly used in various industries, including plumbing, irrigation, fire protection systems, etc. They are also used when the water supply is connected to a sewer or polluted water system. In plumbing systems, double check valves protect the potable water supply from contamination by preventing the backflow of chemicals or other hazardous substances. They also prevent pressure loss and ensure the continuous water flow in the system.

Double Check Valve Application:

In fire protection systems, double check valves are used to prevent backflow and maintain the integrity of the fire sprinkler system. HVAC systems also use them to prevent cross-contamination between potable and non-potable water. Double Check Valves are also used in irrigation systems, where they prevent the backflow of pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals that can contaminate the water supply. In industries where chemicals and hazardous fluids are handled, double-check valves are used to prevent contamination with the potable water.

How to Use Double Check Valve:

To use a double check valve, connect it between the two pipes using couplings. Ensure that the valve is installed in the right direction and that the arrows on the valve indicate the direction of the fluid flow. After installation, test the system thoroughly using the test cocks provided in the valve. Testing the valve is an important process to ensure that it works as it should and that there are no leaks in the system.


Double Check Valve is essential in protecting the potable water supply from contamination. Their unique properties make them suitable for various industries like plumbing, irrigation, fire protection, and many others. Double check valves provide extra safety to the piping system, saving you from potential damage and risk of contamination. It is essential to use a double check valve that is certified and tested for use in your piping system. Regular testing and maintenance of the valve can ensure the longevity and proper functioning of the system.

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