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What is Knurling?


Knurling bolts are an essential component of many industrial applications. These special bolts are used to create a textured, non-slip surface that provides a secure grip but is also easy to release. They have numerous applications and come in a variety of materials and styles, which makes them incredibly versatile. Let’s take a look at what knurling bolts are and how they are used in the industry.

What is Knurling?

Knurling is a manufacturing process that adds texture to the surface of a bolt or other metal component. It involves pressing or rolling wheels onto the surface of the material, creating small indentations or ridges on the surface. The ridges allow for better grip when turning or tightening the bolt or component, which can be important in certain industrial applications where components need to remain securely fastened. The ridges also provide an easy way to identify whether the bolt has been tightened properly – if there are no indents, it hasn’t been properly secured yet.

Knurling Bolt Uses

Knurled bolts can be found in all kinds of industries, from automotive to aerospace engineering. They can be used as fasteners for electrical connections and for securing mechanical parts such as motors and engines. They’re often used in high-vibration environments where regular screws may not hold up due to excessive movement or wear and tear over time. They can also be used as handles for door knobs, levers, and other devices that require frequent operation without slipping out of one’s hands.


Knurled bolts are invaluable for many industrial applications due to their unique textured surface and reliable grip strength. Their versatility means that they can be used in almost any setting where fastening elements together securely is necessary – from automotive assembly lines to laboratory equipment setups. Whether you need a reliable handle for your door knob or an ultra-secure way to attach two pieces of machinery together, knurled bolts offer an ideal solution!

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