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Which are better for Metal Roofs: Nails or Screws?

While deciding on the construction of your house, you will also have to decide on the fasteners that you will be using for the construction. Choosing the correct fasteners for your purpose is very important, as it determines many things, from the safety of the house to the expenses of building it. For example, when you are putting up a metal roof for your house. In these cases, it is important to make the right choices, as it determines how safe your house will be. There will come a point when you will have to decide whether to use nails or screws for the construction of your metal roof.

To make the right choice of fasteners, you should have knowledge about roof installation. Basic knowledge should be known, like the fact that the roof will expand and contract with time. The key to choosing the right fastener is to choose the one that will counter this effect. Most of the time, screws turn out to be better than nails for this particular purpose, and so it should be your first choice for the same.

Why are Screws better than Nails?

One of the main advantages that screws have over nails, is that they have threads. This means that they will have a very good grip on the anchoring surface of the roof. Because of the expansion and contraction of the roof, if cheaper and weaker nails are installed, they will withdraw from the roof.  This will often result in decreased aesthetics and leakage from the roof. Because of these reasons, the most common types of screws used by constructors are Inconel hex head cap screws and nitronic 50 socket set screws.

The Issue of Cost:

One disadvantage that screws have over nails is that they are more expensive. It also requires more technical expertise to be fitted, and this is something that not many people are willing to do. But if you see the long-term benefits of using screws, you will realize that they are cost-effective and that they last much longer. You will also face lesser roofing problems like leakage from the roof, and this means that you wont have to spend a lot on the operating and extra costs.

While planning to make a new roof, you should consider the advantages of screws over nails that have been mentioned above. This will make your job much easier.

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