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Why do you need a washer with a nut?

A washer is a flat and disc-shaped piece of metal that has a hole in the center. The washer is commonly used in connection with threaded fasteners. Before a threaded fastener like a screw is pressed into a surface, then washer fixed in the end. In any fastening or connection, the washer is fixed with nuts for obtaining special features. Washers avoid many risks and minimize damages in connection. There are few reasons to place a washer with a nut.


Washers are also used as spacers with nuts. If the nut is higher than the depth of the object, then it is not possible to drive in the object without fasteners. Fasteners make space between material surface and nut, which makes pressing or connection easier. Placing washers in the nut before driving it into the gadget forms padding so that nut doesn’t go much deep. Washers are avoiding improper connection by making space while fastening nuts or screws.

Load Distribution

The primary purpose of any washers is to assign the load of the threaded fastener steadily. Threaded fasteners accentuate the material in which they are manufactured. Attaching or pressing a nut or screw into wood can create a crack in the surface of the wood. Washers decrease the risk of damages by equally dividing the load of nuts over the surface of the material. Not all materials need washers while attaching nuts but for wood and other soft materials needs washer. Washers are beneficial to protect from stress-related damages when nuts are driven into the soft material.

Vibration Absorption

Many types of washers are manufactured to absorb vibrations. These are called vibration-isolating and vibration damping washers, which are not manufactured of metal. These washers are created by using different materials like rubber, plastic, or urethane. More flexible and softer materials are more efficient at consuming vibrations than hard materials. When Nuts are used to join two objects, and one of these objects produces vibrations highly, then vibration-damping washers can defend the other gadget from damages.

Liquid Protection

Many varieties of washers limit the entrance of water and different fluids. Washers are usually utilized in water pipes and joints to form a tight seal. Vibration-damping washers and liquid-sealing washers are created by using a flexible and soft material, which are press completely on the surface of the object. Washers make connection tight and also avoids liquid mixing in connection, which protects from damages and corrosion.

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