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Cladded Pipes Price List

Cladded Pipes

Cladded Pipes are a unique type of pipeline that utilizes two materials for their construction. This concept made large-scale water pipelines more cost-effective and durable, as the outer layer is typically composed of a corrosion-resistant alloy while the inner portion is usually made of a more affordable material such as carbon or galvanized steel. When these metals come into contact, they form an incredibly strong bond that can last through extreme weather conditions and environmental hazards. ASTM A106 Gr. B Cladded Pipes also help reduce abrasion and chemical erosion caused by liquid flow, which helps them maintain maximum efficiency throughout their lifetime. As well as being economical, the cladding process enables pipes to be customized according to specific design requirements without sacrificing structural integrity over long periods – making it an ideal solution for many large scale projects requiring robust water transportation solutions.

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Clad Pipe Price

Products Price
Bi-Metal Cladded High Chrome Carbide Overlay Pipe $400 Per Piece
Explosive Welding Copper Steel Bimetallic Clad Pipe $50 Per Kg
Bimetal Clad Pipe with Corrosion Resistance $10 Per Kg
Chromium Carbide Cladded Steel Pipe with Super Wear Resistance $680 Ton
Cladded Bimetallic Wear Steel Pipe $100 Per Kg
Aluminium Steel Bimetal Clad Pipe $40 Per Kg

Please note this is an approx Cost of Cladded Pipes in India. For final Stainless Steel Cladded Pipe price list please mail us.

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