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Copper Sheet Price List

A copper sheet is a thin, flat sheet of copper metal that is manufactured through a process known as rolling. Depending on the intended application, 2mm Copper Sheet can be formed or cut into different shapes and sizes. Copper sheets are ideal for construction, electrical wiring, arts and crafts projects, plumbing fixtures, roofing applications and more due to their strength and durability while remaining malleable enough to be manipulated as needed. The chemical composition of pure copper includes elements such as iron, lead zinc and nickel; however, other variations are available with added alloys that have anti-corrosive properties or additional hardness levels to suit specific needs. Copper sheet has impressive conductivity properties, which make it an optimal choice for a variety of electrical wiring applications both indoors and outdoors.

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Copper Plate Price

Unit per nos Unit per nos Unit per nos Unit per nos Unit per nos Unit per nos
Copper Sheet / Plate / Coil 5.5mm x 1200 x 1200 US$ 7.95 INR 575.46 Malaysia Ringgit 32.36 Euro 6.68 Singapore Dollar 10.65 Saudi Riyal 29.81

Copper Sheet Price

Price list of Copper Sheet Price List of Copper Sheet in India (INR) Copper Plate Price in USD Price Copper Strip in UAE Dirham
COPPER CLAD 1.60MM 35/0 37X49 SHEETS Per KG INR 264 3.55 USD 13.04 UAE Dirham
99.9% Pure C10100 Copper SHEETS Per Ton INR 223174.10 3,000 USD 11019.00 UAE Dirham
Copper Clad Laminated Sheet Per KG INR 122.00 1.64 USD 6.02 UAE Dirham

Copper Coated Sheet Price

Copper Coated Sheet & Plate

Double lines Hairline Polished Decorative Copper Color Stainless Steel Sheet ₹ 71.89-₹ 3,235.05 / Piece
Dark Copper Plating Stainless Steel Decorative Board Copper Clad Coated Stainless Steel ₹ 2,372.37-₹ 2,588.04 / Sheet
4×8 Color Coated Hairline Stainless Steel 2MM Embossed Copper Sheet ₹ 2,012.92-₹ 8,842.47 / Sheet
High Class Copper Coated 3mm Stainless Steel Sheet/Sheets Stainless Steel ₹ 143.78-₹ 7,189.00 / Piece
stainless steel 430 finish ba coils decorative plastic plates 316 copper coated stainless ₹ 4,672.85-₹ 5,032.30 / Pieces
Brand new copper coated steel sheet professional supplier of ppgi coil with low ₹ 35,873.11-₹ 57,440.11 / Metric Ton
0.5mm Thick Copper Coated Galvanized Steel Sheet from China supplier with low price ₹ 54,348.84-₹ 60,962.72 / Ton
Copper / brass coated Stainless steel sheets ₹ 1,79,725.00-₹ 2,15,670.00 / Metric Ton
0.5mm thick brushed copper coated stainless steel sheet ₹ 4,672.85-₹ 5,751.20 / Sheet

Please note this is an approx Copper  Sheet Price in India. For final Copper Sheet Plate price list please mail us.

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