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Square Pipe Flange Price List

Square Pipe Flange

A Square Pipe Flange is a mechanical joining device used in pipe systems. It is usually made of metal and is connected to the end of two pipes to enable them to be securely connected. The most common types are butt weld flanges, blind flanges and slip-on flanges. Butt weld flanges are designed with a lip that extends inward from the edge at each end for welding, while ASME B16.5 blind flanges have no lip and can only be affixed using bolts or other means. Slip-on flanges also include an additional hole that allows for bolting or welding. They are typically used when tighter seals around external conditions, such as temperature fluctuations, need to be maintained or improved upon.

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Square Pipe Flanges Price

Square Flange type Square Flange Price in India Square Flange Price in USD Square Flange Price in UAE Dirham
SQUARE FLANGED HOUSING UNIT INR 271 / Unit USD $ 3.82 /Unit UAE Dirham 14.02
WATER WASHABLE BLACK 1 X 1.0 LITER SQUARE FLANGE INR 1,985 / Unit USD $ 27.97 /Unit UAE Dirham 102.72
SQUARE FLANGE INR 1,344 / Unit USD $ 18.94 /Unit UAE Dirham 69.55
Square hydraulic flange INR 3,134 / Unit USD $ 44.16 /Unit UAE Dirham 162.19

Carbon Steel Square Flanges Price

ASME B16.5 Square flange Type Carbon steel square flange Price in India Carbon Steel Square blind flange Price in Saudi Riyal Stainless steel square flange Price in UAE Dirham
Square Flanged Housing Unit INR 350.25 SAR 18.44 AED 18.05
Stainless steel Square flanges class 150 INR 560.25 SAR 29.49 AED 28.88
Water Washable Black 1 X 1.0 Liter Square Flange INR 1454.47 SAR 76.56 AED 74.97
Class 300 Square hydraulic flange INR 2450.95 SAR 129.01 AED 126.32

Please note this is an approx Cost of stainless steel square flange in India. For final square hydraulic flange price list please mail us.

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